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Flotsam and Jetsam - Dem Threatens Taibbi with Jail, Bud Light Exec Out

It's good to see the Wombat back in action with In The Mailbox: 04.21.23 introducing Margot Cleveland at Da Fed, EXPLOSIVE: Whistleblower Points To Biden Admin Obstructing Hunter Biden Tax Probe. At NYPo a claim that Attorney General Merrick Garland is ‘senior’ Biden official in Hunter Biden IRS whistleblower claim. "Garland has repeatedly claimed under oath that Delaware US Attorney David Weiss, a Trump administration holdover recommended in 2017 by the state’s Democratic senators, is able to criminally charge Hunter Biden without the permission of other Justice Department leaders, despite Republicans challenging the factual accuracy of that claim." I suspect he will have used enough weasel words to escape perjury. Andy McCarthy at NYPo says Of course Biden officials are interfering in his son’s case — why else has Hunter skated for five years? 'Bonchie' at Red State claims Hunter Biden Lawyer Freaks out About the Whistleblower, Says Too Much in the Process. "Ask yourself, though, why Hunter Biden’s lawyer is even addressing this at all. That gives the game away as far as I’m concerned. If this investigation were no big deal and if the FBI didn’t actually have anything pointing to guilt, then there would be no reason to even comment. As it stands, it seems as if Hunter Biden’s camp is more upset they got caught here. Otherwise, they’d be making a case that the whistleblower is lying." 

And a reminder from Breitbart, Testimony Reveals Blinken — As Adviser to Biden Campaign — Spurred Letter from 51 Intel Officials Discrediting Hunter Laptop Story. Sundance at CTH, House Judiciary Committee Releases Evidence of U.S. Intelligence Community Conducting Domestic Political Disinformation Campaign. Tim Graham, The Steele Dossier Boosters Lecture Fox on Truth?

At Da Caller, Biden Introduces New Federal Agency With Massive Climate Authority, environmental justice. Any time you have to modify justice, it isn't really about justice anymore. In anticipation of the next big fight, At Da Wire,  Manchin Calls Out Biden For Not Negotiating With Republicans On Debt Limit‘: A Deficiency Of Leadership.’ PJM's Bob Spencer, Just When Dem Debates Would Have Been Interesting, DNC Says There Will Be No Debates. That would be an interesting contrast. "Add in Marianne Williamson, and the proceedings would get even more fun."

From TNP, Soros Non-Profits Conspiring to Keep Trump OFF THE BALLOT in 2024 Using Anti-Confederate Law from 1868 and Poll Claims ‘Trump Indictment Bump Fading Fast’… Here’s a Detailed Look at the Truth, and the Numbers. Lies, damn lies and polling data. Off the Press looks at a WSJ poll and concludes Trump Over DeSantis Still, But It’s Only DeSantis Over Biden. It's my biggest fear about Trump. Hat Hair's KT thinks "America's Governor" wows at Heritage Foundation's leadership summit. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.21.23 Transterrestrial Musings calls out some  Anti-DeSantis Imbecility "Yes, let’s move Disney from Florida to Puerto Rico. I’d like to say that I’m disappointed that Trump and Trumpsters have signed on to this stupidity, for no other reason than that he’s mindlessly bashing De Santis as a rival, but I’m not really, nor am I surprised." Never-DeSantis sundance at CTH, Representatives Steube, Mills and Donalds Leave Fox News Hosts Crying on Air for Their Beloved DeSantis – Video. Breitbart, Larry Elder Announces Run for President. A great guy, but not gonna happen. 

Chicks on the Right, Senator Fetterman Celebrated Pot Day (4/20). Priorities. Capt. Ed (at Hat Hair) snarks Did no one think to explain the optics of having a man whose mental functions are undoubtedly impaired endorsing a hallucinogen? Sheesh.  From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.21.23, Jon Tobin at Da Fed, Feinstein, Fetterman, And Biden Illustrate Democrats’ Double Standard On Mental Acuity. If it weren't for double standards, they'd have not at all.

Is this something? From sundance, After Englebrecht and Phillips Publish Proof of Election Data Compromise, Konnech Corp Drops Lawsuit Against True the Vote

Last year, True the Vote founder Catherine Englebrecht and election data security analyst, Gregg Phillips, were held in contempt of court and placed in jail for failing to outline the participant sources in a 2020 hotel discussion that revealed a Konnech Corporation election data compromise that was transmitted to Chinese networks. {Go Deep}

Eventually a higher court dismissed the contempt charge and forced the release of Englebrecht and Phillips, but the lawsuit brought by Konnech against them continued. On Monday Englebrecht and Phillips dumped the Konnech election data into open public source format {SEE HERE} showing the scale of the election security compromise. On Tuesday, Konnech dropped the lawsuit against Englebrecht, True The Vote and Phillips.

It's not new, but because it's Margot Cleveland at Da Fed, Judge Nukes Alvin Bragg’s Request To Quash Subpoena Because ‘No One Is Above The Law.’ 

At Da Wire, Louisville Banker Killer Left Behind Manifesto Detailing Anti-Gun Motive For The Shooting: Report. I wonder how long it will take the FBI to release the manifesto? Jordan Boyd at Da Fed, Louisville Shooter Killed Five To Get Firearms Banned — And Democrats Are Happy To Oblige.  Sundance, Tennessee Officials Report the FBI Is Hiding the Transgender Manifesto Outlining Objective for Mass Murder.  From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.21.23, Don Surber: Save Your State – Vote Republican and End The FBI Blackmail. At Fox, Illegal aliens who are LGBTQ 'may not be detained' under Democrats' new bill.

Twitchy notes AOC invokes NATURAL DISASTERS (REEE!) to complain about Elon Musk charging for verification, floods, fires and an $8 fee. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.21.23, Louder With Crowder, Elon Musk’s response to Alyssa Milano’s Twitter meltdown is s***posting perfectionElon Musk@elonmusk "We’ve started a “save-a-celebrity fund” to pay their $8. We take this matter very seriously." Spiked, The great blue-tick hissy fit, "The elites are furious at Elon Musk for revoking their unearned status. Good." Fox, Twitter drops 'government-funded media' label from NPR, Russia's RT account. "Twitter also removed the state-affiliated media tag from outlets in foreign autocracies." Twitchy, Elon Musk removes all government association labels from Twitter profiles – and we mean ALL of them, you need to be careful of what you whine about. "One suspects that Musk’s game is to force the media to start complaining about a lack of such labels, and then say something like this: ‘What do you want? You complained when I accurately said that companies like NPR, BBC, and CBC are government funded. You complained when I stopped labeling any by government affiliation. So what do you want? For me to tell the truth about some of you but not others?’"

At Da Wire, Democrat Rep. Threatens Independent Journalist Matt Taibbi With Jail Time Over ‘Twitter Files’ Testimony and Matt Taibbi responds House Democrats Have Lost Their Minds, "Representative Stacey Plaskett, who called Michael Shellenberger and me "direct threats to people who oppose them," is now threatening me with prison - over Mehdi Hasan's uncorrected error" Hat Hair's Dave Strom, Taibbi: House Democrats Have Lost Their Minds "It really is remarkable when you think about it. The Democrats, in trying to prove that the government is not being weaponized against the American public, are weaponizing the government against journalists and threatening them with 5 years in prison. . .  Now, back to the issue: what the Democrats have done here is not “lose their minds,” as Taibbi too generously claims. They know exactly what they are doing, and that thing is weaponizing government. They are using the power of government to intimidate people into either silence, at minimum, or total compliance." Scott Johnson notes the Power Line is Too hot for Facebook.

Althouse, "What speech, she said, comes close to being a 'true threat' but is so 'supervaluable' that we need to be worried about it?" ""She" = Justice Kagan, described in "Justices hear 'true threat' protected speech case" (SCOTUSblog)." Supreme Court liberals appear poised to do away with the First Amendment on piece at a time.

Da Wire, WATCH: ’90s Ad Shows Bud Light Using Men In Women’s Clothing As A Punchline. Back when funny ads were legal. At Ace's THE MORNING RANT Buck Throckmorton is Partying Like It’s 1773 - The Bud Light Tea Party. Leah Barkoukis at Town Hall sees There's Been a New Development in the Bud Light Saga "The senior marketing executive behind Bud Light’s partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney has taken a leave of absence, according to a new report from AdAge." Nick Arama at Red State, Bud Light Finally Takes Some Action Regarding Their VP of Marketing After Mulvaney Controversy. Insty, UNEXPECTEDLY! "Bud Light’s marketing leadership undergoes shakeup after Dylan Mulvaney controversy. Alissa Heinerscheid, who has led the brand since June, takes leave of absence and is replaced by Budweiser global marketing VP Todd Allen." Hat Hair, New: Bud Light has a new VP of marketing for some reason. Sundance, Bud Light Marketing VP Replaced Following Controversial Transgender Rebranding Effort, Heinerschied Now On Leave of Absence. KT at Hat Hair, Feel-Good Friday: "Erased" - A message to woke corporate America edition. Liz Stauffer at WaEx thinks the Dylan Mulvaney controversy is much bigger than Bud Light "Before jumping headlong into the culture war, woke corporations need to understand that consumers have choices, especially when it comes to beer, and there is a price to be paid for jumping on the woke train."

Bri Teresi
At Fox, Trans woman showered with four Wisconsin high school girls, violated their privacy, letter to district claims, "Letter alleges trans woman exposed private area to underage girls." Ashe Schow at Da Wire, 18-Year-Old Male Identifying As Female Enters High School Girls’ Locker, Showers Naked Next To 14-Year-Old Students, Conservative Org Alleges. Ace, Seven Girls Sue Their National Sorority For Forcing Them to Admit Transgender; Lawsuit Claims That the Transgender Leers At Them and Can Sometimes Be Seen Sporting a Visible Erection "Through His Leggings".  At Da Caller, Instagram Model And Golfer Cuts Ties With Lingerie Brand That Hired Biological Male Model "Instagram influencer and golfer Bri Teresi has decided to sever ties with a high-end lingerie company after the brand used a biological male model for an ad campaign." Virginia Kruta at Da Wire, Top House Democrat Says Men In Women’s Sports Is An Issue That ‘Doesn’t Exist’. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.21.23,  Louder With Crowder: ‘I’m A Man of God’: Based Grandpa Walks Out, Refuses To Dance With Drag Queen In Competition and Transterrestrial Musings is Mocking The Trans Cult. At PJM, Bob Spencer at Twitter Memester Carpe Donktum Mocks the Trans Cult, and It’s Riotous and Kathy Salgado reports European Reviews Find That ‘Gender Transition’ Doesn’t Solve Mental Problems

THOR 5th
From Town Hall, 'Female Dummies' in Crash Testing?! Democrat Pushes For 'Gender Equity' in Car Crashes. "Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) highlights the vital work that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is doing to ensure that "female dummies" are used in vehicle crash testing "to fight the gender inequity among...crash victims." John Sexton at Hat Hair, Investigation finds no evidence of LGBTQ bullying crisis which led to Middle School protests and federal complaints, hate crimes are in such demand that they need to be manufactured. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.21.23, The Geller Report: Bill Gates Donated Over $80 million To Org that Teaches 10-Year-Olds How to Become “Sex Workers”. At Da Lid, Calif. Democrats Floating Law to Take Kids Away from Parents Who Aren’t Woke Enough.

Althouse is impressed by the argument "I should have the right to introduce my daughter to the concepts of adultery and coveting one's spouse." "It shouldn’t be one of the first things she learns to read in her kindergarten classroom. . . . I like the way Litzler is invoking parental rights, which, on other issues, are so performatively treasured by social conservatives." Doug Murray at NYPo thinks Randi Weingarten is the shame of the nation. Dave Strom worries The Left is turning students into the Red Guards. Anxious is anxious about a Poll: GOP voters say fighting "woke" ideology more important than stopping Social Security cuts

At Am Think John Cauthen thinks DIE Means the Death of Military Professionalism.

Linked at Pirate's Cove in the weekly Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup and links. The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Paige Spiranac and FMJRA 2.0: La Vie Secrete – Exercises Spirituelles up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.


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