Monday, April 3, 2023

Maryland, My Maryland

Charlotte Hazard at JTN, Maryland school district says parents can't opt their kids out of learning gender identity ideology

Maryland school district informed parents via email that they are not allowed to opt their children out of "engaging with any instructional materials" related to gender identity ideology.

Last week, parents in Montgomery County Public Schools received an email that informed them that they would not be notified anymore about the instructional materials used for that subject matter.

The email said that students could not opt out of the lessons like they used to be able to, in order to create a more "inclusive environment."

"MCPS expects all classrooms to be inclusive and safe spaces for students, including those who identify as LGBTQ+ or have family members in the LGBTQ+ community," the district stated.

"A broad representation of personal characteristics within curricular or instructional materials promotes this desired outcome," the statement continued. "Therefore, as with all curriculum resources, there is an expectation that teachers utilize these inclusive lessons and texts with all students."

Montgomery County Public Schools made it clear that students can still opt out of sex education, but have to complete lessons on gender identity.

And giving Florida Man a run for his money,  WJLA reports Man strips naked, jumps on Montgomery Co. fire truck after crash

A man who got naked after a crash in Montgomery County is in the hospital Friday morning, officials said.

Pete Piringer, the chief spokesperson for Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service, said crews responded to Interstate 270 near Montrose Road for a personal injury crash. Once on the scene, Piringer said crews came across an unattended vehicle and the alleged driver of that vehicle "disrobed" and "dropped all his clothes in the middle of the road."

Piringer said the nude man attempted to get into several vehicles before he jumped onto the moving fire truck.

The closer you get to Washington D.C. the crazier they are. 

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