Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Back from Fishing

As I noted earlier, I got a call from Pete this morning saying he needed to put his boat in (best with 2 people) and wanted to go check out the fishing in the islands. Of course I jumped at the chance. We left Solomons around noon, crossed the Bay in the face of a strong SE wind, crossed under the Lower Honga River Bridge (seen from the backside) into the Honga River, and started fishing.

It took a few stops before we started catching fish, but working the current swept points worked. Here is the first (and also best) fish, 24 inches. Nominally, stripers are out of season and we were fishing for Speckled Trout, but after catching a few stripers at a location, we would move on, looking for specks. 
The backside of Hoopers Island,
Back through the Bridge to Nowhere, on the way home, about 3 PM, mission accomplished. Fish were caught.
Back in Solomons Harbor, it seemed that every channel marker was occupied by an Osprey nest.

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