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Flotsam and Jetsam: Bragg Sues Jordan over Subpoena

At Am Spec, George Parry considers The Incoherent Trump Indictment "It appears that Alvin Bragg has arrested Trump without telling him exactly what crimes he has allegedly committed and how he committed them." Tom Crist at Da Fed points out Yes, The Statute Of Limitations Has Passed On Bragg’s ‘Get Trump’ Case "Alvin Bragg’s theory is that because Trump lived in D.C., then Florida, the felony limitations period in New York is still open. He’s wrong." At PJM, JC Adams wants you to Meet Radical Trump Prosecutor Matthew Colangelo. TNP claims It’s Backfiring! Voters Agree Trump Prosecution is ‘Banana Republic’ Tactic Bad for America, but Good for Trump ’24. From Insty, WHEN EVEN SNL IS MAKING FUN OF THE TRUMP INDICTMENT, AND YOUR COVERAGE:


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Althouse, "Donald Trump has vowed he would 'never drop out' of next year’s presidential race, even if he is convicted on criminal charges...." ""'I’d never drop out,' Trump told Carlson yesterday. 'It’s not my thing. I wouldn’t do it'" (London Times)."

AP (cited at Hat Hair so you don't have to give them clicks), BREAKING: Bragg sues Jordan to stop House Judiciary probe. At ET, Bragg Sues Jordan Over Alleged ‘Campaign to Intimidate’. John Sexton at Hat Hair, Alvin Bragg sues Jim Jordan over Trump caseRep. Jim Jordan@Jim_Jordan, "First, they indict a president for no crime. Then, they sue to block congressional oversight when we ask questions about the federal funds they say they used to do it." Rick Moran at PJM points out the Prosecutor Who Indicted Trump as a Political Stunt Calls House Panel Investigation a 'Political Stunt.' Althouse, "Rather than allowing the criminal process to proceed in the ordinary course, Chairman Jordan and the committee are participating in a campaign of intimidation, retaliation and obstruction." "Said Alvin Bragg, quoted in "Bragg Sues Jim Jordan in Move to Block Interference in Trump Case/Mr. Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, had subpoenaed a former prosecutor who worked on the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into former President Donald J. Trump" (NYT). Why not allow the congressional proceedings to proceed in the ordinary course? Why not allow the 2024 presidential campaign to proceed in its ordinary course?  Whose "ordinary course" has the right of way in this busy intersection?" At Hat Hair, Jazz Shaw asks a reasonable question Should the House GOP really be going after Bragg? I think so. 

At Fox, Biden administration officials were involved in Mar-a-Lago raid despite claiming otherwise: report "The FBI gained access to Trump documents through a White House 'special access request.'" Biden lied? I'm shocked, shocked. Hat Hair's Beege Wellborn, Not so fast: Biden didn't find out about the Mar-A-Lago raid from the news? PJM's Matt Margolis, Bombshell Docs Show Biden White House Directly Coordinated With FBI to Set up Trump Raid. Breitbart Reports Joe Biden’s White House Involved in Raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Residence. Ace, "President" Biden Coordinated with the FBI Raid on Donald Trump, His Likely Opponent.
Mitch McConnell will do nothing. He's in on it. The "special access request" can only be made about FBI investigations when the information directly concerns White House business. The White House demanded information about the classified documents frame-up and the raid itself -- thereby admitting with that very request that the raid was "White House business." Then they lied about having no knowledge of the raid. Of course.

The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great thinks a ‘Splintered’ Court Ruling Throws J6 Prosecution Into Chaos "True justice will only be served when gutless judges on the district court finally start to toss this bogus charge or the higher court delivers a well-deserved smackdown in a final decision."

At Da Caller, FBI Used Undercover Employee To Gain Information For Memo Targeting Catholics, Jim Jordan RevealsWeaponization Committee@Weaponization "#BREAKING: We now know the FBI, relying on information derived from at least one 𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐜𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫 employee, sought to use local religious organizations as “new avenues for tripwire and source development.” Virginia Kruta at Da Wire, Josh Hawley Rips Into AG Garland Over Senate Testimony: ‘All Of This Was False.’ Michael Letts at Am Think thinks Democrats are using police to protect their power-grabs.

From Based Politics, If you use this common internet slang, the FBI thinks you’re a ‘violent extremist’ "It's easy to see why the federal government would view mainstream right-wing beliefs as a threat." Including the word "based." 

Don’t misread the FBI’s attempt to malign anyone using these terms online as “extremists” as anything less than the overt threat that it is. They know these terms are widely used by many people on the Right, not just extremists. But by associating them with fringe extremists, they are attempting to label practically half the country as a threat. This is similar to the attempt we saw last summer to label parents who lobbied at school board meetings as domestic terrorists.

Mary Chastain at LI,  FBI Links Words Like ‘Based,’ ‘Red Pill,’ ‘Looksmaxxing’ With ‘Violent Extremism.’ "It’s all very…sexual. The FBI targets “incels,” people who are “involuntary celibate” and want to “commit violence in support of their beliefs that society unjustly denies them sexual or romantic attention, to which they believe they are entitled.”" Tom Knighton at Tilting at Windmills, So, apparently, I'm an extremist

Ace, Nashville City Council Votes to Immediately Reinstate Expelled Insurrectionist Lawmaker "He's returned as an interim legislator, pending a new election." Expel him again. Dave Strom at Hat Hair says It's merely performative

Campus Reform reports the SF State admin sides with Riley Gaines’ attackers, blocks her on social media. From OutKick, Riley Gaines Slams Nike For Dylan Mulvaney Partnership. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, "This to me is worse than the Bud Light issue. That’s more silly than offensive. What Nike did in their Mulvaney endorsement was truly erase women from women’s sport and rob a legit female athlete of an opportunity to excel and shine just so Mulvaney could “girlface” on their behalf." Sister Toldja at Red State finds Riley Gaines Responds Accordingly to Megan Rapinoe's Betrayal of Women in SportsRiley Gaines@Riley_Gaines_ "It's worth noting that 1) you're done with your athletic career and 2) because you aren't sexually attracted to men, it's unlikely you will ever have a daughter to defend. To me, this looks like a classic case of virtue signaling because you have nothing to personally lose."Quote Tweet Megan Rapinoe@mPinoe "Today, politicians in DC are claiming to “protect women's sports” by pushing a trans & intersex sports ban. Call your Congressional rep today to say women's sports need protection from unequal pay, sexual abuse & lack of resources, NOT from trans kids. #LetKidsPlay" At HE, Riley Gaines to headline TPUSA's Young Women's Leadership Summit

A Hatchet job at The Critic, The performance of a lifetime "Dylan Mulvaney’s mimicry of women is absurd." Womanface, Cutie Pavlich at Town Hall says The Numbers Are in on Bud Light's Decision to Go Woke, and they suck. Bob Spencer at PJM, So Is the Public Flocking to Buy Bud Light Because of Fake Woman Dylan Mulvaney? Well... No. At NYPo, Bud Light distributors ‘spooked’ by backlash to Dylan Mulvaney partnershipCharles Gasparino
@CGasparino, "SCOOP: @AnheuserBusch
 wholesalers say they were given NO preview of controversial @dylanmulvaney@budlight
 ad at annual wholesaler's convention in Jan despite past practice where new ads are featured. AB scrambling as controversy builds w  distributors/customers 345 @FoxBusiness. The Babylon Bee snarks Budweiser Replaces Clydesdales With Cows Dressed As Horses.  Matt Margolis again, Sorry To Tell You, But Woke Beer Is All Around Us. Town Hall's Matt Vespa thinks Bud Light's Marketing VP Could Face Some Backlash Over These Photos. Don Surber is hopeful that Bud Light may tank all the woke ads. At Da Caller, If You’re Mad At Bud Light Now, Remembering How Cool They Were In The 90s Will Make It Even Worse

PJM's Ben Bartee, 'Transgender' Mutilation Clinic Reportedly Posts Photos of Underage Mastectomy Patients Online. "On April 8, screenshots began circulating on Twitter showing “before and after” photos of young girls who had undergone “top surgery” — a voluntary removal of both breasts as part of “gender affirming” transgender care, sometimes also including the removal of the nipple. The screenshots, which were captured by Twitter user @SherriBissel and posted by Blaze TV host Sara Gonzales, had patient ages as young as 14 listed. The youth appear to have been patients of The Cosmetic Concierge, a plastic surgery clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina." Adam Zivo at Nat Po (cited at Hat Hair, thinks Pediatric gender-identity therapy really just "transing away the gay." Capt. Ed, 
Maybe, and it’s at least a good argument to reset the public debate. I would tend to believe that parents who are trying to avoid “gayness” are very unlikely to buy into “gender identity therapy,” though. The recent social panic on this is driven by attempts to validate adult choices and adult virtue-signaling by forcing these “therapies” on vulnerable children in pre-adolescence, as well as misdiagnosing legitimate emotional and brain issues. It’s worth noting that “conversion therapy” was psychological rather than pharmaceutical and surgical, which did no permanent physical harm to its patients. It got banned anyway as being abusive, but the same activists who led that charge are now advocating for permanent physical and pharmacological interventions. It’s utterly incoherent, and utterly devastating.
At the Free Bacon, Silencing Debate: California Dems Block Hearing On Transgenderism in Schools Due to Fear of 'Hateful Rhetoric'. "Proposed bill would require schools to alert parents if children begin using different pronouns or identifying as a different gender." From ResisttheMainStream, California Mom Confronts School District After 11-Year-Old Changed Gender Without Her Knowledge. 'Streiff' at Red State, As Parents' Rights Becomes a Hot Issue the Groomer Community Goes Nuts Fighting to Control Your Kids. John Sexton at Hat Hair finds a Childless cat lady has more thoughts on parenting. Lincoln Brown at PJM notes A Member of the Tolerance Crowd Slaps a Middle Schooler. Wayne Dupree at the PI reports on how an Indiana Teacher Fired for Refusing to Use Transgender Pronouns Receives Bad News from Federal Appeals Court. Sarah Hoyt on the UNSTABLE EQUILIBRIUM

Ben Bartee again, Corporate Media Encourages COVID Slaves to 'Forget Much of the Pandemic.' "Hard pass. Let us never forget what they did to us—the forced masking and drugging, the dehumanization, the villainization of anyone who asked questions, the ostracization, the business closures, the permanent setbacks for kids kept out of school by selfish teachers’ unions." And the election.

Mary Chastain, Biden: ‘I Plan on Running’ in 2024, But ‘We’re Not Prepared to Announce It Yet’ "You literally just announced it, dude." Ron Wright at Am Think thinks Joe Biden, the Puppet. At Red State Mike Miller wonders Why Would 'Devout Catholic' Biden Banish Priests From Walter Reed Just Before Holy Week? Da Fed's Dave Harsanyi says Biden Is Still Covering Up His Deadly Afghan Withdrawal. Dennis Lund at Am Think decries Team Biden's Pathetic Rewrite of History. Fox, Hunter Biden's business partners, assistants visited White House over 80 times when Biden was VP, "Rosemont Seneca vice president visited Obama White House at least 17 times, met with Joe Biden aides." PJM's Stephen Kruiser claims the Biden White House Is So Polluted With Sleaze It Should Be a Superfund Site.

I&I wonders Can Anyone Beat Biden Or Trump In 2024 Primaries? I&I/TIPP Poll. At Da Caller, Trump Campaign Shifts Strategy To Capitalize On Indictment Rocket Fuel. Bradley Devlin at Am Con, has A Tale of Two Florida Men "A Tallahassee man seeks to shore up his social conservative bona fides as a man from Palm Beach deals with an indictment." KT at Hat Hair, Nikki Haley's campaign goes on the attack against Trump and DeSantis, an interesting approach to applying for the VP spot, but it worked for Bush I. Dave Catron at Am Spec sees Scientific American Compares DeSantis to Mussolini "Florida’s governor is a “fascist” for listening to voter concerns about leftist indoctrination in schools." I gave up my Sci Am subscription years ago over it's liberal slant. Nick Waddy at Am Great on RFK Jr.'s challenge to Biden, A Return to Camelot? "Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is a liberal Democrat in every way that matters. That makes him a heretic in today’s “progressive” party."

At Da Caller, Arizona GOP Sheriff Files Paperwork To Run For Senate, Sinema's seat. Vicky Taft at PJM, AOC Calls for Anarchy and CNN Anchors Pretend to be Shocked. Gateway Pundit notes Feinstein’s Prolonged Absence From Senate Holding Up Biden Judicial Confirmations. Fetterman west? "Last year the San Francisco Chronicle reported Feinstein’s cognitive decline is so bad that her own Democrat colleagues want her to retire before her term expires at the end of 2024."

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