Monday, April 24, 2023

Gov. Moore Announces 'Clean' Energy Goal

 CBS Baltimore, Gov. Moore announces Maryland's commitment 100% clean energy by 2035

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore announced on Friday an ambitious plan to achieve 100% clean energy by 2035—a move that is expected to create significant economic opportunities.

Speaking at TradePoint Atlantic, Moore emphasized the state's commitment to action.

"This is a very clear statement to our entire state, that we are moving fast, that we are going to be bold, and we are going to have 6.2 million people that are going to be participants in that boldness," Moore said.

Execution of the plan would position Maryland as a leader in offshore wind energy in the United States. Moore said he envisions a 21st-century economy driven by Maryland wind power.

As part of the plan, Moore signed the 'Promoting Offshore Wind Energy Resources Act' and secured the offshore wind manufacturing yard at Sparrows Point in Baltimore with the support of Maryland lawmakers.
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The goal is to generate more electricity offshore, targeting 100% clean energy by 2035.
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Wind energy developer Orsted will use TradePoint Atlantic as a hub to create materials and help Maryland achieve its goal of 8.5 gigawatts of offshore wind energy.

Maryland Energy Mix
I can't imagine how it will succeed in 12 years, given that the majority of Maryland's energy currently come from nuclear, natural gas, and coal. I'm pretty sure Maryland won't have another gigawatt nuclear plant in the next few years.

Meanwhile whales continue to die offshore, as sonar testing continues for offshore wind power, but the powers that be are convinced that the two are not connected, Bay Journal, Whales versus wind turbines: truth or fiction? I'm agnostic on this. It may, or may not be related, but I'm pretty sure that if the industry the sonar testing was for was offshore oil wells, their position would be reversed. In fact, I'm pretty sure I can remember when it was.

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  1. Good for MD. That means more coal, nuclear and hydro power for the rest of us.