Friday, April 21, 2023

Oregon, My Oregon

Portlandia's Carry Brownstein
 Mark Ellis at Splice Today, Portlandia No More

“Portland is not Portlandia anymore.”

It’s something we say around here, and it resonates, because the series starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein was both popular and infamous depending on who you talked to and their opinion of the effect the show had on Portland. But the civic time and tenor depicted on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) series is definitely history now.

Chalk it up to that standard conservative talking point: the decline of Blue cities under Democratic “leadership.”

Stare wrongly at the wrong homeless person, cut off the wrong car in certain neighborhoods, or just be a bystander when the gangs start shooting, and you could end up dead. Was it always so? Not like this. Crime has skyrocketed since Brownstein’s character asked after the previous life and times of the chicken she was ordering for dinner.

Once a commenter on a story I’d written at a conservative website, after seeing that my bio included Portland, wrote: “Portland? You must feel surrounded.”

It’s true that Portland is blue. It gets a lot of conservative bad press. Urinals were omitted from blueprints for the new mega-million dollar city hall—something about gender neutrality? When Antifa besieged downtown in 2020, resulting in months of rioting and millions in property damage, President Trump offered to send in the National Guard. City hall refused the help, and vilified Trump instead. A Trump fan wearing an insignia was murdered by a rabble rouser who laid in wait at a parking garage. The killer was later gunned-down by federal agents in a Washington State apartment complex parking lot.

Downtown hasn’t recovered. Businesses are still fleeing. Slabs of plywood cover many street-level windows. Intractable homelessness besotting block after block and open-air shooting galleries have turned Portland into a no-go zone for thousands of locals and decimated the tourist and convention trade. The pandemic played a part in creating the current malaise, but that’s over, and there’s been little discernible bounce-back.

I know where to go, when to go, and when and where not to go. If you get out into the neighborhoods you’ll meet lots of nice people, most of them Democrats. They’re concerned too. But as sure as New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s sham indictment has made Donald Trump’s reelection more possible, they’ll vote again for the candidates and governance that got Portland here in the first place.

Portlandia’s mantra was genius: “The dream of the nineties is alive in Portland.”

JJ Sefton at Ace's is not as polite, Welcome To Portland, the Third-World Sh!thole City of Your Democrat-BLM Future

Portland's a worse sh!thole than you probably imagine.

David Strom has a piece about being shocked to see just how bad Portland has gotten, thanks to a dispiriting education from a Twitter account called @wtfPortland.

Here's a typical night in Portland. Watch all the way through.

Criminals act as if they own the streets. They do own the streets.

I'm guessing the old white guy here is a homeless drug addict and started this by pushing one of the black women, but whoever's at fault: This is lawless anarchy and chaos. With no cops, every man and women becomes his own judge, jury, and executioner.

Graphic photo of a leg mauled by a homeless man's dog. "THE HOMELESS CRISIS IS OUT OF CONTROL!," the poster writes. Instagram deleted the photo, because obviously all facts that damage the Woke Agenda are "disinformation."

Someone -- I have my suspicions which groups they're affiliated with (hint: one possibility is just an "idea" and has a name that rhymes with "pantyfa") -- went around driving nails through every single tire of every single car parked on this street.

Stacy McCain, Portland Is Now a ‘No-Go Zone’

They vote poorly.

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