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Flotsam and Jetsam - DIY Again

 Running a little late today, we had to jump up and go do something.

Trump Indictment

‘Adult Film Actress’ : The Other McCain
In The Mailbox: 03.31.23 : The Other McCain
Trump plea deal 'not gonna happen,' lawyer says | Just The News
Trump to be arraigned Tuesday without handcuffs, sources say - Fox News
The Trump indictment and the abrogation of the law - The Spectator World
Instapundit - ROGER KIMBALL: The Trump indictment and the abrogation of the law. Legitimacy means nothing now.
Dershowitz on Trump Indictment: 'Worst Case of Prosecutorial Abuse I Have Ever Seen' – PJ Media
WaPo editorial board: This Trump indictment looks pretty dodgy to us – HotAir
MEGHAN MCCAIN: I'm scared to death this Trump Witch Hunt will end with America burning at the stake - Daily Mail Online
Instapundit - WE ARE NOW A BANANA REPUBLIC, WITHOUT THE BANANAS: UPDATE: A Rubicon is Crossed: “Here, as
Ace of Spades HQ The Treasoners Club: The Democrat Party All But Admits It Has Absorbed the Government Into It And Is Using It to Destroy Their Political Foes
The Democrats solemnly intone no one is above the law in response to the Trump indictment - The New Neo
Bragg's Case Against Trump Reeks of Desperation To Punish a Political Opponent
Politico: yes, it's a witch hunt, and that's fine – HotAir
Pelosi's penal pro-tip: Trump has the right to a trial to "prove innocence," you know – HotAir
West Coast, Messed Coast™: Trump Indictment Has Democrats Channeling Their Inner Commie — With One Shocking Exception – PJ Media
On Little Men and Big Men: Donald Trump Is the Next President – PJ Media
The Trump indictment - by Paul Mirengoff
Althouse: Get ready...
Althouse: If this be humor, make the most of it.
Althouse: "An advance team of Secret Service agents... conducted a site tour of the courthouse on Friday to map Trump’s path in and out of the building..."
James Comey's Tweet Following Trump Indictment Confirms the FBI Is 'Irredeemably Corrupt'
Why Trump is the big winner of Alvin Bragg's indictment - The Spectator World
A Message Today From President Donald Trump - The Last Refuge
Tucker Carlson - Dual Justice Hits Free Speech - The Last Refuge
Former DNI Ric Grenell Has a Message for All Republicans - This is Saint Crispin's Day! - The Last Refuge
Trump raised millions in the hours after he was indicted – HotAir
With Assist From Manhattan DA, Trump Once Again Enjoys United GOP Support | RealClearPolitics
Trump Gets the Green Light to Take a Flamethrower to the System – PJ Media

Jan 6, FBI Hijinks and Insurrectiony Stuff

We Need to Talk About Something Even Worse That Happened at the TN ‘Transurrection' – RedState
Trans Activists Storm Florida Capitol, Learn Being Loud Doesn't Equal Winning – RedState

The Knoxville Massacre and Culture War

CBS: don't mention Nashville killer's gender identity – HotAir
Althouse: "The extreme lack of curiosity about the political ideology of the Nashville shooter, and what role that ideology may have played in motivating the massacre...."
Covenant School Shooter's Manifesto Will Be Released...But There's a Hold-Up
Nashville 911 call suggests some Covenant School staff might have been armed – Bearing Arms
BREAKING: 'Trans Day of Vengeance' cancelled due to 'credible threat to life and safety' - The Post Millennial
CNN lectured you on how you must celebrate "Trans visibility day" – HotAir
Left-Wing Violence Chic – PJ Media
I told my peers men cannot have babies. They’ve threatened to kill me because of it. - The College Fix
WATCH: Transgender Militant Violently Attacks Man, Police Blame the Victim for His Own Assault – RedState
Can Trump Supporters Legally Shoot Left-Wing "Antifa" Attackers? – Bearing Arms
They are literally insane – HotAir
Maybe It's Time to Start Treating Transgenderism as a Mental Illness Again
The Deconstruction Of The Country Is On Track
Federal judge temporarily blocks Tennessee’s anti-drag law - POLITICO
Ace of Spades HQ - Beyond the Valley of the Libs of TikTok
NPR layoffs: employees blame racism and transphobia – HotAir
Government-sponsored grooming – HotAir
A community college DEI director describes her own cancelation by woke ideologues – HotAir
Escaping the School Trap : The Other McCain

Politics, As Usual

Biden calls devastated Mississippi town Rolling Fork 'Rolling Stone' | Fox News
So That's Why Biden's Handlers Feed Him so Much Ice Cream – PJ Media
Joe Bidenopoulos' latest biographical lie has people translating BS into original Greek – HotAir
National Archives admits over 1,100 Biden records pages at Penn office, lacks custody of others | Just The News
Top Dem gives Biden ‘failing grade’ on classified docs
‘Their Position Is Outrageous’: Dem Sen Says Biden Admin Suffered ‘Absolute Fail’ | The Daily Caller
Video: Dems Panic as GOP Rep Questions Why Hunter Hasn't Been Prosecuted Yet | Frontpage Mag
As Indictment Drops, Poll Shows Surprising Move for Trump in GOP 2024 Race – RedState
Team DeSantis Expand Astroturf Operations - Hire Team Cruz and Team Youngkin, Immediately Begin Fake Push Polls - The Last Refuge
Fetterman released from hospital after recovering from being healthy –
Fetterman coming back. And this time we REALLY mean it – HotAir
Veto or no veto, Dems have some questions - POLITICO
Ace of Spades HQ Newsom Nightmares
Republicans really are the party of the working class – HotAir
DCCC run by V.A. Tech Chief's wife; she illegally accessed military records of Republicans – HotAir
How the tech elites lost touch with reality - spiked
Voter Suppression Is Real And It's Not What You Were Told
Ace of Spades HQShawn Fleetwood and Mollie Hemingway: Voter Suppression Is Very Real. It's Just That It's the Democrats Are Making Sure Republican Strongholds Don't Have Enough Ballots for All the Republican Voters.
The IRS Went Down to Georgia to Steal an Election | Frontpage Mag
James O’Keefe Uncovers Possible Lucrative Money-Laundering Scheme for Dems – PJ Media
Too Small to Survive? | City Journal
Has Trump Won The Free-Trade Debate In The U.S.? I&I/TIPP Poll – Issues & Insights
Top 4 things you need to know about how safe banks are right now
DOJ Celebrates First Criminal Conviction in U.S. History for Creating a Meme - The Future of The First Amendment Under the "Restrict Act" Clarifies - The Last Refuge
Banana Republic: Trump Supporter Faces Ten Years For Memes – PJ Media

Social Media and Censorship

A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century - Tablet Magazine
Tablet: The Hoax of the Century – HotAir
DHS Claimed Nothing to Hide, Redacted Disinfo Board Emails – PJ Media
The White House has NOTHING to say about IRS intimidation of a journalist – HotAir
'Patriot Act on Steroids:' Conservatives Slam RESTRICT Act on Social Media
Rand Paul Shreds Josh Hawley Over "Restrict Act" While Blocking Unanimous Consent and Reminding About Constitution and "Bills of Attainder" - The Last Refuge
Ace of Spades HQDown With The Restrict Act, a Patriot Act for Americans' Speech
Althouse: "Twitter’s system of account verification comes to an end Saturday..."
Former Meta employee says she was paid $190k ‘to do nothing’ - Fox News
The Bluecheckapocalypse arrives – HotAir

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