Thursday, October 20, 2022

Another DIY Politics Thursday

We're getting the band back together. 

Election and the Oncoming Midterms 

Biden bribes voters with promise to codify Roe v Wade if Democrats hold control of Congress – HotAir
"It's simple": Biden's simpleton gas-price chart fail – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ Biden: I'm Releasing 15 Million More Barrels of Oil from the Almost-Depleted Strategic Petroleum Reserve Just Before the Midterms... And It's Not Politically Motivated At all A Ban on All American Petroleum Products?!!?
Instapundit » BUYING VOTES WITH TAXPAYER DOLLARS: Getcher Biden election money here! Getcher student loan pay-off…
Biden scoffs at claims that releasing oil from strategic reserve is politically motivated | Just The News
GOP react to report Jill Biden upset over Joe's last solo presser: ‘knows a train wreck when she sees one’
Ace of Spades HQ Biden Slurs His Way Through Pro-Abortion Speech, Announces That the First Casualty of Dobbs Was Jill Biden, and Concludes By... Apologizing to the Audience
Biden ridiculed for spelling out ‘dot’ in website URL: ‘He will literally read any words’ | Fox News
Ex-Russian Ambassador Claims Biden Pushing to Free Brittney Griner in Time to Boost Dems in Midterm Elections
Why Biden's staff will try to keep him away from Putin at G-20 – HotAir
Kamala Harris hires third chief VP speechwriter since taking office: Report | Washington Examiner
Upset Alert – Sabato's Crystal Ball
Democrats: Shifting fortunes and ignoring the obvious – HotAir
Dem coalitions collapsing -- and L.A. city council scandal shows it – HotAir
The mess in the LA City Council spells trouble for Democrats' increasingly fragile coalition politics – HotAir
Democrats really are in trouble with Hispanics this cycle -- and beyond – HotAir
Poll: Majority think American democracy is in trouble – HotAir
Cook Report shifts Florida, Washington Senate races in favor of GOP | The Hill
NBC News’ Tweet About the GOP Exposes Why Dems Are Losing the 2022 Midterms
Tulsi Gabbard Says Democrats Have Become 'Insane' – PJ Media
A Kristi Noem/Tulsi Gabbard Ticket? OMG. - Chicks On The Right
Kari Lake Goes Savage on Reporter for Dubbing Her an 'Election Denier' – PJ Media
Kari Lake Brings Receipts and Destroys Media Efforts to Construct Election Denial Narrative - The Last Refuge
Lake to reporters: Wanna talk about "election deniers"? I've got a few receipts – HotAir
Kari Lake Is Just Abusing the Media Right Now
Fetterman Finally Releases 'Medical Record' (But You Won't Believe What It Really Is) – PJ Media
There's ANOTHER Problem With Fetterman's Doctor's Note – PJ Media
Bad Medicine: Doctor Granting Fetterman Clean Bill of Health Is a Campaign Donor
Althouse: "The Ant-Man and Clueless actor, who will appear alongside Fetterman at a Wednesday night fundraiser, initially reached out to the candidate last summer..."
AJC poll: Georgia Hispanic voters prefer Walker for Senate – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ Stacy Abrams: Worried About Inflation and Rising Gas Prices? The Answer Is Simple: Have Abortions!
The Rubio Demings debate turned spicey quickly – HotAir
J.D. Vance wants a border wall battle with Biden - POLITICO
Endangered Republican Oklahoma Governor Stitt sets special election on recreational marijuana legalization – HotAir
Congressional Black Caucus Backs White Democrat Over Black Republican | The Daily Caller
Abrams: You can fight inflation by aborting more babies, you know – HotAir
Top Nevada Latina Democrat Sen. Cortez Masto skips award ceremony for Hispanic Heritage month | ADN América
Misty-Eyed Adam Kinzinger Says Conservatives Would Be First To Die In A Civil War - The Political Insider
EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Is Hiding How It’s Complying with Biden’s Voter Registration Drive, Rep. Norman Says
'Election Deniers' Are Destroying the Dems' False Narrative Machine – PJ Media
Jen Psaki on Twitter: "Holy moly siena/NYT poll “more than a third of independent voters and a smaller but noteworthy contingent of Democrats said they were open to supporting candidates who reject the legitimacy of the 2020 election…” as they focus on economic issues" / Twitter

Jan 6, The DOJ and FBI Oppression

Gaetz on Durham, The FBI are the Perpetrators Not the Victims - The Last Refuge
Department of Justice Charges Another Pro-Life Activist
Biden's DOJ calls for harsh sentencing of Steve Bannon's over his claims that a 'sham committee' staged a 'show trial' | The Post Millennial |
Obama DOJ official urges Durham report 'pause,' warns findings may 'unfairly tarnish' FBI officials | Washington Examiner
FBI Whistleblower Steve Friend, A Messenger Worthy Of The Message
FBI Publicly Indicted 22 Pro-Lifers, No Pregnancy Center Arsonists
FBI Raids Star ABC News Producer James Gordon Meek’s Home – Rolling Stone
Federal Advisory Group Suggested Charging All Employees Of Libertarian Think Tanks With Treason | The Daily Caller

The Stupid Biden Economy, Stupid

Instapundit » THEY’RE FLAILING: White House ‘plans to release another 15 MILLION barrels of oil’ from the US’s eme…
If Biden Cared About High Oil Prices, He'd Prioritize Additional Oil Drilling - The Lid
Peter Doocy forces Jean-Pierre to pretend Biden didn't say he would end fossil fuels as gas prices surge - TheBlaze
Forecast for US Recession Within Year Hits 100% in Blow to Biden
John Hasson on Twitter: "Prediction: -GOP wins the midterms -After ~2 months, economists finally declare a recession -White House blames recession on GOP" / Twitter
Biden Thinks You’re An Idiot: It’s Pretty Obvious President Will Blame Coming Economic Ruin On GOP After Midterms | The Daily Wire
Baby formula update: Still missing in action – HotAir
The Most Telling Chart on Inflation You've Ever Seen – PJ Media
You can run, but you can't hide: Inflation is busting budgets, and killing joy too : NPR

The Culture War

LGBTQ+++© Police State: 'Trans Buddies' Now Assigned to Monitor Doctors for Transphobia – PJ Media
DRAG ME TO HELL: Watch Shocking All Ages Drag Show Go Off the Rails
Instapundit » BIDEN ADMINISTRATION EXPORTING WEIMAR, AMERICA: State Department funding ‘drag theater performances’…
Va. Dem state delegate backs down from bill that would charge parents for not affirming LGBT child | Just The News
Ace of Spades HQ 269 Teachers Have Been Arrested for Sex Crimes Since January of This Year
How Much Porn Will It Take To Get Libraries, Schools Defunded?
The Left Is Transing MAGA Country Kids — Here’s How To Stop It - Liberty Unyielding
Ace of Spades HQ Ulta Makeup Company Advertises the Beauty of Women by Featuring Two Biological Men Rapping About Their "Girlhood"
Canceling the Cancelers at Yale Law School

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