Monday, October 17, 2022

Another DIY Morning Post

 Gotta run!

Electoral Politics

The Stagflation President
Old Man Munching on Ice Cream Cone Delivers Senile Remarks About the Economy
Biden wants high gas prices — he just doesn't want voters to notice
Biden Blunder Diplomatically by Criticising UK PM on Tax Cut Plan
Rep. Burchett to Newsmax: Biden Is Inept, Diplomacy in Ukraine Was Possible |
Instapundit » Blog Archive » THEY’LL STILL VOTE FOR HIM, THEY’RE NPCs: More than 1 in 5 Democrats disapprove of Biden’s per…
Impeach Biden for Saudi Election Quid Pro Quo | Frontpage Mag
The Establishment is Still Terrified of Donald Trump › American Greatness
Jill Biden Gets Mercilessly Booed at Eagles Game During Coin Toss – RedState
Jill Biden’s appearance at Cowboys / Eagles game inspires PERFECT meme summing up the Trump vs. Biden economy –
Jill Biden's Effort to Pander in Florida Goes All Kinds of Wrong – RedState
Althouse: 2 things about Jill Biden — seen this morning in a casual scanning of the headlines.
Tulsi’s Declaration of Independence - American Thinker
Four Cheers for Tulsi | Power Line
Harvard-Harris poll: Donald Trump and Mike Pence most popular politicians in America – HotAir
Buttigieg Says Democrats Are Having A Hard Time Campaigning Because They’ve Been Too Successful | The Daily Caller
Poll: Republicans Keep Lead in Battle with Democrats for House Control
Althouse: "Democratic candidates in competitive Senate races this fall have spent little time... touting... their party’s $1.9 trillion economic rescue package..."
Desperate Dems deploy Obama to campaign in Georgia, Wisconsin as he warns Dems are "buzzkills" – HotAir
MURDOCK: MINOs: Dem ‘Moderates’ In Name Only Are Running For Key Offices Across America | The Daily Caller
Fetterman's Time As Mayor Is Coming Back to Bite Him
Zombie Democrats Run a Zombie Nation | Frontpage Mag
Althouse: "Rather than Warnock trying to make Walker answer for his alliance with the former president, Walker insisted that Warnock defend his with the current one..."
The Raphael Warnock gaffe the media conveniently overlooked – HotAir
Walker Hits Warnock on Abortion, Inflation, Church Evictions in First Debate
Katie Hobbs Implodes on CNN, Kari Lake Has the Perfect Response – RedState
Raheem J. Kassam on Twitter: "Wow @KariLake looked an Atlantic “reporter” straight in the eye and made her sweat. “That is judgment, not journalism.” 🔥" / TwitterTweet / Twitter
Libs Freak After Kari Lake Runs Over Dana Bash on CNN – RedState
Zeldin vs Hochul: chess master moves race to a toss-up – HotAir
Hochul accused of rigging NY casino license plan in favor of politically-connected slot parlors
Crime, the economy, more: Why moderates must choose Zeldin over Hochul
AT&T to pay $23M fine for bribing powerful lawmaker’s ally in exchange for vote | Ars Technica
Evan McMullin, Funded by Top Dem Donor, Promises Not to Caucus w/Dems | Frontpage Mag
Desperate Dem Rep. Vicente Gonzalez uses misogynistic attacks against Rep. Mayra Flores – HotAirHiding Hunter’s Laptop › American Greatness
Wisconsin Voters Press Barnes About Singular Focus on Abortion
Mandela Barnes Joins Russian State TV Alongside White Nationalist Richard Spencer
Christine Drazan Eyes an Upset in Oregon | City Journal
‘Fleecing his constituents’? Rep. Eric Swalwell’s spending report for the first 9 months of this year very REVEALING (screenshots) –
How does "most pilloried" Trafalgar keep managing to get it right? – HotAir
Score One for True the Vote - American Thinker
Election Integrity Experts Identify Privacy Flaw Affecting All ICP/ICE Dominion Voting Systems Across 21 States.
Eight in 10 Americans Favor Early Voting, Photo ID Laws
Democrats are Shocked that Latino Voters Don't Like Socialism – PJ Media

Jan 6, The FBI/DOJ and related matters

Nancy Pelosi Conveniently Has Daughter Filming On J6 - Victory Girls Blog
The Federal Government is Treating Pro-Lifers Like They’re Al Qaeda › American Greatness
Joe Biden: Wartime Leader of the Black Soul Brigade - American Thinker
Justice Department’s War with the First Amendment › American Greatness
Why The FBI's FISA Tweak Is Worse Than Using Steele Dossier
Durham’s In-Your-Face Danchenko Gambit - American Thinker
“He was not Arrested”: CNN and MSNBC Ex-Bosses Struggle to Justify Burying the Hunter Biden Story – JONATHAN TURLEY
Director Christopher Wray's use of FBI jet amounts to 'embezzlement,' current, ex-agents allege

The Culture War

Time To ‘Rebrand’: Enthusiasm for ESG (Environmental, Social, and ‘Corporate’ Governance) Crashing and Burning
‘You All Got Caught With Your Sparkly Panties Down’: Mom Wrecks School Board Over Halloween Drag Show | The Daily Wire
‘They’re On The Run’: Hospitals Caught Providing Sex Change Treatments To Minors Seem To Follow The Same Playbook - Liberty Unyielding
Makeup Giant Ulta Goes Woke Highlighting 'Trans Girl' Dylan Mulvaney, Customer Base of Real Women Revolts – PJ Media
'Social Emotional Learning' is the New Social Credit System Being Implemented in Our Schools | Human Events |
North Carolina Mom Reads From Graphic Book ‘Found’ In Classroom, Slams ‘Pedophile’ Teacher Who ‘Grooms Children’ | The Daily Caller

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