Sunday, October 9, 2022

Biden's Armageddon, Oz's Combeack, Gabbard Calls FBI Treasonous, Mom Drags School Board

Nick Arama at Red State thinks Biden's Response to Question if Armageddon Is Coming Is Something Else

Lo and behold, a reporter did in fact try to pin Biden himself down on the question. “Do you think Armageddon is coming, sir?” one of them shouted at him.

Joe Biden’s response was a metaphor for his whole time in office — running away and giving no answers. He took off like a shot, to avoid answering the question. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him move so fast.

At Haut Hair, Jazz Shaw hears Macron: Biden shouldn't be talking about Armageddon. Roger Kimball at Am Great says Prudence Is a Virtue, "The ethical man is also the prudent man. Is Joe Biden prudent? Was it prudent to talk about the prospect of Armageddon?" I think Biden raised the issue so he can claim to have averted it, if it doesn't happen. If it does, he'll blame Donald Trump.

Breitbart reports that Joe Biden is Underwater by 15 Points on Average in Senate Battleground States. Also, in a Rasmussen Poll: Republicans Expand Lead to Four Points on Generic Congressional Ballot. Republicans generally gain when they're behind by up to thee points due to the distribution of voters. Paul Bedard at WaEx claims GOP on verge of House-Senate majority lock. Don't count the chickens just yet. Nick Arama again, Dems Just Admitted They Have Huge Problem That May Cost Them the Midterms, not enough money to go around. Aaron Kliegman at JTN sees Dems under water on top two voter issues heading into midterms, inflation and violent crime. At Da Caller, GOP Projected To Score Four Gubernatorial Wins In Midterms, Nevada, Oregon, Wisconsin and Kansas. I'll believe Oregon after the inauguration.

At WaEx, Salena Zito crows about Oz's comeback. Atop Da Hill, worries that the GOP shows signs of coming home for Oz as Fetterman lead shrinks. What's a Republican going to do, vote for brain-damaged Fetterman? KT at Haut Hair, cites NBC: Texts show Julie Walker tried to be a bridge between Herschel and ex-girlfriend. At WaPoo, Paul Kane has hopes; Will old rules of politics apply to Herschel Walker? They did 2 years ago to a N.C. Democrat. "Personal scandal was the death knell for Cal Cunningham in North Carolina. But in Georgia, Walker is barreling ahead as if nothing happened." The wife-beater or the the guy who paid for his girl friends abortion? A tough choice. KT again, Steve Harvey tries to get black men to vote for Stacey Abrams and it doesn't go well. "The concern is that black men will stay home instead of getting out to vote in November. She’s been courting their vote since she knows that black male voters are trickling over to vote for Republican candidates in recent years. The vast majority still vote for Democrats, of course, but the real concern is that this race may be tight and they won’t vote at all."

Ryan King at WaEx claims Five takeaways from Wisconsin Senate debate between Ron Johnson and Mandela Barnes. Moderator wouldn't discuss inflation. At Red State 'Bonchie' reports an 'Unhinged' Katie Hobbs Freaks When Kari Lake Shows up in Town Hall Audience. The WaPoo whines that the Arizona GOP raised record money with misleading pitches on election audit. "GOP chair Kelli Ward said in a text message the party had no plans to fund the review, despite what it was telling supporters" Twitchy amused as George Takei tries to mock Lauren Boebert’s ‘2 words’ tweet about Biden but drops the mic on his own head (AND Biden’s). Suzanne Downing at Da Caller McConnell Eats His Own In Alaska, "The ads his political group is producing to attack Alaska Republican Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka are beyond the pale." They don't call him the Murder Turtle for nothing.

At Town Hall Sarah Arnold reports on how Democrats Run a Network of Fake News Sites Designed to Promote Liberal Candidates. How does that differ from the NYT and WaPoo? At Da Wire, Dem Operatives Behind Network Of Fake News Pop-Up Sites In Battleground States. At Fox, Conservative frustration with fact checkers grows after several dubious PolitiFact articles in one week, "PolitiFact recently defended Dems' stolen election claims and Kamala Harris' push for hurricane relief 'equity'" It's only a problem if you pretend they're objective. 

One of the new guys at Haut Hair, David Strom questions PayPal punishments for posting memes? UPDATED: PayPal reverses course!

David Strom again, Tulsi Gabbard: FBI and Intel agencies committed treason trying to steal our democracy. Fred Lucas at Town Hall says Biden DOJ Weaponized for 2022 Midterms, but they were already weaponized under Obama. NYPo ed board Trust the Justice Department on the Hunter Biden investigation? No way. Also Hunter Biden begged Hallie for cash to go to rehab before gun buy. "Hunter Biden begged his sister-in-law-turned-lover Hallie Biden for cash to check himself into rehab just six weeks before purchasing a handgun — and attesting on federal forms that he had never used or been addicted to drugs." Audio at link. Breitbart reports  Hunter Biden’s Drug Abuse Delaying Charges in Tax, Gun-Related Probe. "President Joe Biden’s Justice Department has reportedly delayed its “final decision” on whether Hunter Biden will be charged for alleged tax and gun-related violations." You knew they were going to. They got no soul, at PJ Media Bob Spencer Aretha Franklin Reveals Why the FBI Deserves No R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Rolling Stone magazine obtained Franklin’s FBI file and found in it a record of “false phone calls, surveillance, infiltration and highly-placed sources” that the feds inflicted upon Franklin between 1967 and 2007. The file is full of references to “black extremists,” “pro-communist,” “hate America,” “radical,” “racial violence” and “militant black power.” It opines that Martin Luther King’s funeral, where Franklin sang, could turn into a “radical situation,” adding that “Sammy Davis Jr., Aretha Franklin… of this group, some have supported militant Black power concept.” Accordingly, King’s funeral could “provide emotional spark which could ignite racial disturbance in this area.”

The Peacock  admits Wharton’s Jeremy Siegel says today’s biggest threat isn’t inflation — it’s recession. It can be both. I&I, Under Bidenomics, A ‘Soft Landing’ For Economy Is No Longer Possible "As economist Larry Summers, who advised both Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, said last week, a soft landing is “really quite unlikely.” We agree, as do most economists of our acquaintance."

Real Clear Energy on Joe Biden’s Energy Crisis

This time is different. The third energy crisis was not sparked by Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies or by Iranian ayatollahs. It was self-inflicted, a foreseeable outcome of policy choices made by the West: Germany’s disastrous Energiewende that empowered Vladimir Putin to launch an energy war against Europe; Britain’s self-regarding and self-destructive policy of “powering past coal” and its decision to ban fracking; and, as Joseph Toomey shows in his powerful essay, President Biden’s war on the American oil and gas industry.

Mary Chastain at LI,  U.S. Oil & Gas Association Lashes Out at Biden After OPEC+ Decides to Cut Oil Production, “Life comes at you pretty fast….” Breitbart reports the White House Accuses OPEC+ of Siding with Russia After Biden Failure to Get Saudis to Pump More Oil. At Da Wire, Biden To Ease Sanctions On Socialist Venezuela, Releases Maduro’s Convicted Narco Trafficker Nephews. Anything to avoid more US oil production. Based Politics thinks Biden’s latest idea to lower gas prices will backfire spectacularly. Limiting oil exports. Yep, sounds good, but the US doesn't have enough refining capacity anymore. Sundance at CTH takes a moment away from fixing his house in Florida to report  Transpacific Shipping Drops 75% During Peak Season as Joe Biden Energy Inflation Bites and Consumer Spending Collapses. Coal for Christmas? RCP, Energy Crisis Hits New Hampshire Hard Ahead of Midterm Elections

She's got the figure for it, too!
And some Culture War to prepare for a new week! At Da Wire, Mom Blasts School Board Over Drag Show For High Schoolers While Wearing The Same Outfit The Drag Queen Wore. Breitbart has the video, Mom Confronts School Board in Drag Queen Outfit: ‘If This P***es You Off, It Should’.  At the PM, the ACLU demands Biden admin force PA school district to 'socially transition' students to opposite gender without parental approval. In a blow for reason, LI's Mary Chastain reports Pennsylvania Teacher Reinstated After District Suspended Him for Not Using Trans Students Preferred Pronouns "One of the many students who defended the teacher: “I don’t think he deserves this and I think that people should have the right to express themselves and have their beliefs and I don’t think he should be suspended because of that.” If only college students were as reasonable. At Red State, Professor Claims There Are Two Sexes, All but One of Her Graduate Students Walk Out. No educating in college, please. From Front Page, Professors in Connecticut Reject Parents’ Involvement in Their Children’s Education
Yet another instance of elitism and condescension in academia.
 At Summit News, CBS News Report Frames Removal Of Gay Porn Books From Children’s Library As ‘Book Banning’, "Library claims it is being “defunded” by conservative parents." I'm OK with that. But just try to find a book in a school library that supports conservative ideas. John Sexton at Haut Hair, Seattle hacker who stole information on 100 million people gets time served and probation because she's trans 

WBIR, Vanderbilt hospital pauses gender-affirming surgery on minors after pushback from state leaders, "Last month, Gov. Lee said the clinic needed to be investigated after claims went viral on social media, which Vanderbilt said misrepresented facts about the clinic." I would ban it. If you're not old enough to drink, you're not old enough to change sex. 'Bonchie' thinks Viral Jon Stewart 'Interview' Pushing Child Mutilation Is the Face of Evil. Bailiff, whack his pee-pee. 

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