Sunday, October 23, 2022

Biden Lies Like a Rug, Zeldin On Top, Festerman Floundering, Hobbs in Hiding, LA Leaning Red

 Stacy McCain takes note that  Joe Biden Lies About the Economy 

Of course, the headline could have been simplified — “Joe Biden Lies” — because every word out of his mouth is false, no matter the topic, but his lies Friday at Delaware State University were about the economy specifically. The official topic, “Remarks by President Biden on Student Loan Forgiveness,” as the White House web site phrases it, was just a pretext for Biden to engage in electioneering ahead of the midterms. But while we’re on the subject of “Student Loan Forgiveness,” let me remind you that in August, I explained (“Biden’s Illegal Boondoggle Giveaway”) that the President of the United States does not have the authority to order the cancellation of student loan debt, and that the Biden administration is falsely claiming such authority under the 2003 HEROES Act, a measure intended to provide assistance to military personnel deployed overseas during the War on Terror.

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 10.21.22 (Evening Edition) Weasel Zippers sends Biden Claims “Mega MAGA Trickle-Down” Will Tank The Economy If GOP Wins Midterms  and Poll: Only 31% Agree Biden Is Giving Attention To Most Important Issues Facing Americans. ET hears Republicans Warn Inflation Will Get Worse as Biden Admits ‘A Lot’ of Democrat Spending Impact ‘Has Not Kicked in Yet’. Politico whines about Biden’s ‘worst performing message’, touting his administrations accomplishments. Althouse takes people to task for complaining about Biden's zoning out during engagements, Cat-napping — taking advantage of the little spaces — is a super-power, not a weakness. I have some sympathy; I confess to nodding off in many seminars and meetings.

At Red State Josh Hammer asks Is the Red Wave Back? RCP projects Republicans take the Senate, 54-47, NV, GA, AZ. Ryan King at WaEx, Swing and a miss: New Senate forecast shows three key states slipping away from Democrats. WaPoo whines Democrats fear the midterm map is slipping away.  NYPo ed board has a Whopper Special: With midterms rapidly approaching, Dem flip-flopping is now in overdrive "With elections just three weeks off, Democrats have suddenly been singing a different tune on a wide range of issues, especially — given that soaring crime is a top issue — criminal justice reforms and defunding the police. Here are 10 examples of almost comical flip-flops by leading Democrats." NRO, The Far Left Could Be In Trouble in Big Cities. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 10.21.22 (Evening Edition) Da Tech Guy: This Election Pivot is a Tad Early 

Well the election is three weeks away but apparently Morning Joe has decided that things are so bad that there is no point in burring this (via Citizen Free Press) And they are even pointing the finger as to the cause . . .  This tells me that they know what’s coming and need to prepare the MSNBC niche market audience that has not been exposed to how bad things are looking. I think it’s a good sign.

Politico whines New York governor's race takes sudden turn after Zeldin surge. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair asks Is it real? Poll shows Zeldin pulling ahead of Hochul in NY. From Town Hall, A Red Wave is Hitting This Liberal City At NYPo, Hochul’s ‘hot mess’ campaign has NY Dems worried as Republican Zeldin surges Althouse, "After spending the summer pounding Republican opponent Lee Zeldin as an anti-abortion, Donald Trump acolyte, Hochul is finding out..."

"... what other Democrats across the nation are also learning: Crime and the economy are crowding out abortion rights and the former president’s troubles as top of mind issues for voters. The New York governor is responding with a last-minute shift in approach just weeks ahead of the election by promoting her efforts to create jobs and fight crime. 'You deserve to feel safe,' Hochul says in a new TV ad released Saturday as part of a $1 million-plus buy in New York City. 'And as your governor, I won’t stop working until you do. . . . I made a new tag for Lee Zeldin. I will disclose that that represents a bet that he will win. I don't like tag proliferation, but I also don't like needing to go back and add tags to old posts.'"

AZ Central, Democrats may mock GOP candidates, but who are the unelectable ones now? "Democrats loved calling Kari Lake and Blake Masters 'unelectable' in the primary. But they never addressed key issues for voters, to their detriment." Tim Graham, Arizona's Cowardly Katie Avoids All Debates. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 10.21.22 (Evening Edition)  EBL: Republican Candidates in Arizona Heading Into The Election.

At Spectator World, The town John Fetterman ran is in ruins "He was mayor of Braddock for over a decade. People there say it shows." Breitbart, Convicted Killer, Exonerated by Fetterman-Backed District Attorney, Now Wanted for Murder. Via the Wombat again, the Weasel Zippers Fetterman: Murderers In Prison For Life Are “Like Your Grandfather”, if your grandfather was a murderer. Becky Noble at the PI, WI Democrat Senate Candidate Barnes Advocates Extreme Criminal Justice Positions, Cozies Up To Dictators.

Jazz Shaw takes note of Another red wave upset brewing in Los Angeles? "A Republican governor of Los Angeles in the 21st century? There are some very stunned liberals walking around Hollywood at the moment." Politico whines Caruso’s huge ad campaign seems to be paying off in LA mayor’s race. Insty, MISSING FROM THIS POLITICO STORY ON THE LOS ANGELES MAYOR’S RACE: Any suggestion that the challenger is doing surprisingly well because L.A. city government has been a dumpster fire. Instead it’s attributed to advertising spends.

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 10.21.22 (Evening Edition)  LI, Appeals Court Puts Temporary Hold On Biden’s $400+ Billion Student Loan Forgiveness Giveaway, Success of Republican Allan Fung is Forcing Democrats to Spend Money in Rhode Island. At Twitchy, Tom Nichols stars in new live action Chicken Little – The Republic is Falling. Nick Arama at Red State thinks this Babylon Bee Take on Californians Canvassing for Beto in Texas is Hilarious. Not too shabby. 

PM reports January 6 committee demands Trump testify on November 14, "The January 6 committee demands that Trump testify on November 14, and deliver requested documents by November 4." I predict it ain't gonna happen. Jazz Shaw, Tennessee J6 man gets four years in prison for "scaling a wall", which is more than the two NY lawyers got for burning police cars in the BLM insurrection. 
38-year-old Matthew Bledsoe of Mississippi was found guilty this summer of one felony charge and four misdemeanors. This week he was sentenced to four years in prison. The felony charge dropped on Bledsoe was the same that prosecutors in many other cases have defaulted to: “Obstruction of an Official Proceeding.” The misdemeanors were also typical of these show trials. Of course, the only actual actions that prosecutors could pin on Bledsoe involved scaling a wall and being inside the building for approximately 22 minutes.

At Zero Hedge, Biden DOJ Wants $34 Million To Keep Targeting J6 Defendants. Just say no. Da Caller, ‘The Left Is Out For Blood’: Biden’s DOJ ‘Weaponizing’ Law To Arrest ‘Political Enemies,’ Former Official Says. Insty has a non-update update A BING NEWS SEARCH SHOWS NOTHING ON HIM IN THE PAST 24 HOURS: ABC Journalist Missing Since FBI Raided His Home And Allegedly Seized Classified Info.

The Western Journal sees the GOP Gives Dire Warning to IRS Caught Red-Handed Destroying Documents; Millions of Americans Affected

At ET, Judge Orders Fauci, Psaki, Top Officials Be Deposed in Big Tech Censorship Case

Da Caller, Biden Asks Officials To Prep For Possibility Of 2008-Level Financial Crisis but Sarah Arnold at Town Hall reports Joe Biden Insists the U.S. Is Doing Better Than When Trump Was in Office. Insty, KINSLEY GAFFE: Biden warns Republicans will ‘tear down’ his accomplishments if they win midterms. "Related: Three million people may lose their jobs because of the government’s economic incompetence." Ryan Ledendecker at PJ Media, Biden's Housing Market Bomb: Home Sales Plummet in Record September Drop

At the Stream, ‘Economics 101’: Energy Exec Debunks Biden Claims on Gas Prices, but then, Biden wasn't ever  really a very good student. Insty, IT’S THOSE DANG GAS PRICES BIDEN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT ARE KILLING DEM CHANCES: Gasoline Prices Are Stubbornly High in Election Swing States. “Nevada and Arizona — swing states with competitive Senate races — are among those grappling with the highest gasoline prices in the country. More than 40% of competitive races rated by Cook Political Report are in states seeing the highest increases in pump prices compared with the 2020 election.” AP grudgingly admits US heating worries mount amid growing costs, uncertainty. Ryan Ledendecker again, Biden's Diesel Fuel Supply Crisis Could Soon Cripple America in Ways Never Before Seen. More "bad luck."

Dan Greenfield at Front Page, explains The Democrat Taxpayer-Funded Child Abuse System. FVia the Wombat, Weasel Zippers: Nearly 80% Of Voters Oppose Castration & Mutilation Of Minors and Vicky Marshall at Da Fed finds a Virginia Teacher who Reveals The Left’s Next Public School Quest: Convincing Autistic Kids They’re Trans. From Da Caller, Philadelphia Gender Clinic Trained Employees At School That Hides Students’ Gender Identities From Parents. Joanne Jacobs wants to 'Protect our kids from graphic porn' in the school library. Ace has more Confessions of the Libs of TikTok, "Detransitioners tell harrowing stories about being rushed into gender "transitions" they weren't ready for -- and didn't even want." At HE, Doctor Offers Online Prescriptions for Young Women to 'Try Out' Testosterone with 'Flexibility'. Insty, WHAT IS IT WITH DEMOCRATS AND CHILD RAPE? A Student Was Sodomized With a Pole at His Public High School. This California Congressional Hopeful Rejected His Damages Claim.

Bill Otis explains Why Everything Is a Mess and You're Paying For It "The New York Times tussles with the truth and almost gets a draw." At City Journal, Yes, Critical Race Theory Is Being Taught in Schools, "A new survey of young Americans vindicates the fears of CRT’s critics." But we knew that. Vinay Prasad fears Democrats' COVID policy decisions will hurt them "Much worse than they think."

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