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Biden Dividing, Oz Closing, Abrams Losing

WPDE News, an ABC affiliate, deigns to notice how Biden renews vow to bring 'decency' back to politics despite slamming 'MAGA Republicans'. Insty, at his NYPo gig, explains Why the left keeps smearing its political rivals as Hitlers or Mussolinis

Well, you can’t call non-elite figures on the right communists, because 1) those people are on the left, and 2) the press generally thinks of communists as good guys.

So you go with the most loaded remaining terms, and that’s various accusations of bigotry and fascism. We’ve seen the same thing at home with Joe Biden standing in front of uniformed Marines on a blood-red stage calling Republicans fascists. (Or, “semi-fascists,” whatever that means.)

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.30.22, Don Surber notices that Anyone Mark Hamill doesn’t like is worse than Darth Vader. Also, A 21-point lead may help Republicans. Ya think?  That might even be beyond the margin of fraud. Also via the Wombat, Mike LaChance at LI reports Leftist Democrat Challenger Mandela Barnes Falling Behind GOP Sen. Ron Johnson in Wisconsin Polling

Fox finds Politico whining that Flattering media coverage didn’t help Abrams, O’Rourke win Georgia, TX voters. Da Caller reports Dr Oz Closes In On Fetterman In Pennsylvania Senate Race "Oz garnered 43% support to Fetterman’s 45%, a difference within the margin of error", and well within the usual underestimation of Republican support. Unfortunately, it is not out side the margin of fraud in Philadelphia. At RCP, Underreported Data Suggests Victory for GOP in PA Suburbs. At the Wa Free Bee, As AG, Cortez Masto Left Thousands of Rape Kits Untested. Laxalt Helped Clear the Backlog—And Arrests Followed. "Nevada's former top cops now facing off for crucial Senate seat.  So Nevada, do you want rapes solved or not? Also, These Pacific Northwest Democrats Say They’re Moderates. Their Records Show Otherwise. "Jamie McLeod-Skinner and Kim Schrier have long supported progressive policies. " They'll lie until they get into office, but then, it is the Pacific Northwest. KT at Haut Hair reports Spanberger explodes: Democrats need new leaders in the House. Well, yes, but I doubt I would like her choices much better. At VA Center Square, Youngkin: Economic concerns will ‘calm’ if GOP has good midterms

“That will be a calming influence that now instead of having single party government, we have divided government,” Youngkin said. “And we could end up with, I think, a little bit more rational spending because I do believe that what’s come out of the Biden White House has in fact been disconnected from supply and demand of money.”

John Solomon at JTN reports that a Federal judge upholds Georgia election integrity practices, deals blow to Stacey Abrams, "Court rules that voter ID, citizenship checks don’t disproportionately hurt minorities." At Da Fed, Vicky Marshall has a Lawsuit: Wisconsin Elections Commission Let Electors Change Votes After Submitting Ballots, which was against the law. From Da Caller, Michigan Election Worker Charged With Falsifying Records. Gee, I wonder why? At Am Spec, What Is the Biden Admin Hiding on Federal Voter Mobilization? "Every agency — from the Department of Justice to Defense to Agriculture — is attempting to mobilize voters." Attempting to make every Federal worker a Democrat hack. At NYPo, One-sided social-media censorship: YouTube proves the point Via the Wombat, at Twitchy, Rob Reiner conveniently forgets how many times HE claimed the 2016 election was stolen so HERE’S a bunch of his own tweets to REMIND him.

Speaking of notable election deniers, Vicky Taft at PJ Media claims Ginny Thomas Ruins J-6 Committee's Plan to Destroy Her. Althouse is less than pleased with the NYT headline: "Ginni Thomas Denies Discussing Election Subversion Efforts With Her Husband."

"Election Subversion Efforts" is quite a phrase. You could discuss a lot of things and still deny that any of it was "subversion." But I presume the actual interviewers did not restrict themselves to such an extreme topic.
During her interview, Ms. Thomas, who goes by Ginni, repeated her assertion that the 2020 election was stolen from President Donald J. Trump, Mr. Thompson said, a belief she insisted upon in late 2020 as she pressured state legislators and the White House chief of staff to do more to try to invalidate the results....
I wouldn't call that "election subversion." If you believe the election was already subverted, then in pushing for more procedural paths, you're trying to un-subvert it. If you think the announced results are invalid, you're trying to get to the true results, not "invalidate the results." It's very hard to wade through these loaded terms. I wish the NYT would play it dead straight.

I'm sure I could find equal dissembling in Wapoo coverage, but frankly, why bother? Jonathon Turley is even more critical in “That’s Just Wild”: CNN and other Media Eagerly Report that Ginni Thomas Remains Unrepentant on the 2020 Election

Ok, so what? Millions of people hold the same view. They have a right to hold that view, even if we do not believe that they have compelling support for it. For those of us who disagree, we can continue to voice an opposing view, but Thomas and others are unconvinced. (Notably, there is another controversy today of YouTube demonetizing a video showing Democrats calling the 2016 election stolen). There was never any evidence that Thomas participated in any violence and had simply encouraged White House and other officials to challenge the election.

A well-known Republican activist and Trump supporter, Thomas encouraged then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to pursue legal and legislative challenges to what she viewed as a stolen election. The reason that Ginni Thomas’ messages were seized is not because she was a key figure in the investigation but that the Commission has demanded any messages that deal with such challenges or the rally — a scope that has been criticized as overbroad. Congress then leaked the messages and the media did the rest.

There is no evidence that Ginni Thomas ever encouraged violence or was even present at the Capitol during the riot. Thomas said that she attended the Ellipse rally on Jan. 6 but left early, before Trump spoke, and never went to the Capitol.

The challenge to the 2020 election was no surprise. Indeed, not long after the election, I wrote about that possibility in what I called the “Death Star strategy.” It is not a crime to plan such a challenge, even without good cause. It was the same course taken by Democrats without any outcry from the media in challenging Republican presidents.

At Da Fed Shawn Fleetwood says Dems Smearing ‘Extremist’ GOP Candidates Show What J6 Probe, Biden’s Fiery Speech Were Really About. To be continued later, via the Wombat, The Geller Reports FAILED January 6 Committee, Running Out of Time, Angles for an Extension. At WaEx, Jan. 6 committee won’t hold hearing next week but says it will before Election Day. 

Frank DeVito at Da Fed says If The Feds Go After A Pro-Lifer Who Shoved A Bully, They’ll Go After Anyone

We should be concerned that the FBI — who should be quite busy investigating drug cartels and thwarting of major human trafficking rings — is charging Houck with a federal crime that could carry substantial jail time. We should be concerned that there is a statute that even makes such a charge possible. And we should be concerned when this pro-life family man is apprehended by a large number of federal agents with guns drawn, as his wife and several children watch in horror.

At PJ Media, Vicky Taft identifies the Radical DOJ Lawyer Kristen Clarke who Targeted Pro-Life Dad and Other Conservatives.

The redoubtable Julie Kelly thinks it's Time to Investigate the FBI’s Sketchy CHS Program, "Confidential human sources serve an important purpose in the modern-day FBI: to advance a political narrative beneficial to the Democratic Party and Biden regime."

FBI agents are required to keep at least one source on the books, which often leads to problems for long-term informants. “They become needy, they call in the middle of the night, they get arrested,” Seraphin explained. “Sources are a pain in the ass.”

At Da Caller, The FBI Is ‘Revoking’ Conservative Agents’ Security Clearances, GOP Lawmakers Allege. From the Wombat, at Da Lid, FBI Revoking Security Clearances of Conservative Agents. At Fox, Jim Jordan hits back after FBI denies his allegations of a conservative 'purge': 'Are you kidding me?' Also, Da Tech Guy continues his Novena to St. Matthew for the FBI Agents involved in the Mark Houck Arrest: Day 5 Banish all Believers! "Who ever heard of a Stasi with more than one party represented in it? I guess they need these prayers more than ever"

John Sexton at Haut Hair reports how a Judge refuses to dismiss case against Igor Danchenko but says it was an 'extremely close call'. Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx has New details on botched FBI investigation into source for infamous anti-Trump dossier revealed. In my opinion, the whole Durham effort against Danchenko is something of a fraud on the justice system. Even if Danchenko lied to the FBI (and he almost certainly did), the FBI was accepting it because of their anti-Trump animus. Put a few FBI guys in the dock too, and I'd be more impressed. Ben Whedon at JTN reports Trump scores another win in Mar-a-Lago case, "Special Master Raymond Dearie had sought to require that Trump substantiate his claims that the FBI planted evidence during the raid." It would seem to me that the burden of proof that they didn't do anything wrong lies on the FBI. Normally, we would give the FBI credence, but in anything having to do with Trump, that no long applies.

From the Wombat, Deroy Murdock at Am Spec, Leftist Kills GOP Teen; Big Media Responds: ‘Zzzzzz’ "Why this staggering, widespread lack of attention?" Because conservatives don't riot and attempt to burn Federal courthouses. Nevertheless, as Nice Deb at Am Great chronicles, conservatives brought enough pressure that the North Dakota Man Who Ran Over Teen was Arrested Again And Charged With Murder. "Brandt’s deadly attack followed Joe Biden’s prime time speech three weeks prior excoriating Republican extremists as a “threat to this country.” “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic,” Biden declared during his infamous “red sermon” on September 1. Biden framed his speech at Philadelphia‘s Independence National Historical Park as a “battle for the soul of the nation.”

Ben Whedon again, National Archives nominee fails to clear Senate committee amid Trump-FBI raid fallout "The committee voted 7-7 on party lines on advancing Colleen Shogan to a confirmation vote, the Washington Examiner reported. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will have to discharge Shogan from the committee to move the process forward." At Breitbart, Biden’s National Archives Nominee Fails to Move Past Senate Committee amid Mar-a-Lago Raid Controversy. "Ranking member Rob Portman (R-OH) also painted Shogan as partisan for a 2007 article in which she wrote, “Republicans tend to exhibit anti-intellectual qualities.”"

And to clear the deck for the Culture War:

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