Monday, October 31, 2022

Gypsy Speaks, Pelosi Narrative Crashes and Burns

The Pauli Pelosi story continues, as Biden Blames GOP For Attack By (Checks Notes...) Pro-Castro Nudist (Off The Press). At Da Wire, Biden Blames Republicans For Violent Attack On Nancy Pelosi’s Husband. KT at Haut Hair, Speaker Pelosi releases a statement on brutal attack on her husband as Biden blames Republicans and Hillary Clinton: "The Republican Party and its mouthpieces" must be held accountable for political violence. At Wa Ex, 'Heartbroken and traumatized:' Pelosi breaks silence on husband Paul's brutal assault. Breitbart reports Democrat Media Complex Politicizes Attack on Paul Pelosi: ‘Anger of the Right’. At NewsBusters, NPR-Affiliate Flunkies Make ‘Deranged’ Attempt to Tie Elise Stefanik to Paul Pelosi Attacker. NPR delenda est. At the Free Bacon, as penance, Dems, Media Demand GOP Call Off Campaign. To misquote Ace (I think) our free speech is violence, their violence is free speech. Althouse, "With his usual level of class, Donald Trump put out a message of sympathy to the family of Jerry Lee Lewis, 'the Killer' of rock ’n’ roll, who died Friday at age 87, but said nothing all day about the Pelosi family." "Maureen Dowd takes a ridiculously cheap shot at Donald Trump, in "The Pelosis and a Haunted America" (NYT)." JTN reports Trump says Paul Pelosi assault a 'terrible thing', "'This country is out of control and you look at -- and they're Democrat run cities almost exclusively,' Trump says, addressing the rising crime in major cities across the U.S." Do you want him to talk or not.

From Twitchy, Glenn Greenwald thread examines the ‘instantly formed media narrative’ about attack on Paul PelosiGlenn Greenwald@ggreenwald "It's very possible that the instantly formed media narrative -- Paul Pelosi's attacker was a MAGA fanatic who broke in to murder Nancy -- will be proven true. But right now there are so many glaring doubts and holes in that story that it just takes common sense to question this." At Town Hall, Kurt Schlichter claims Everyone Is Laughing at the Ridiculous Pelosi Big Lie. Beege Wellborn at Haut Hair, On Pelosi: We're not falling for the "Right Wing Terrorist in the Tailpipe" joke. "Dear Mid-Term 2022 voter – this is a public service announcement. The rush to blame the Right for words = violence in the aftermath of the awful attack on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul is looking even more cynical than it usually is when they whip out the blame card, so please hold your judgment for a day or so."

Oxane 'Gypsy' Taub
At Da Wire, FBI Visits Home Dubbed ‘Hippie Collective’ In Connection To Alleged Paul Pelosi Attacker. Twitchy, Michael Shellenberger’s gotten to the bottom of the Paul Pelosi story: Drug-induced psychosis. PM,  Paul Pelosi's alleged attacker described by his neighbor as 'left-leaning nudist drug abuser,' "She also confirmed to reporters that DePape's household exhibits "paranoid" and "psychotic" behavior." Victory Girls say Pelosi Attacker David DePape Is A Drug-Addled Leftist Progressive. Sarah Arnold at Town Hall, New Details Emerge on Pelosi’s Attacker. Sundance at CTH, Not a Surprise, Neighbor to Pelosi Attacker Describes a Different David DePape Than National Media. At Da Mail, Nudist ex-lover of Paul Pelosi attacker is female PEDOPHILE who harassed boy, 14, and who bought sex dolls 'for their sons to use' "Oxane 'Gypsy' Taub, the former lover of Paul Pelosi attacker David DePape, was convicted in 2021 for child abuse after stalking and harassing a 14-year-old boy." Bob Spencer at PJ Media, Gypsy Taub Speaks! Pelosi Attacker’s Former ‘Life Partner’ Definitively Torpedoes the Media Narrative. Althouse, DePape blogged about meditating, playing video games at the library, and buying "a fantasy miniature salamander" on Etsy. "He blogged about not buying "a fairy house on Etsy" because — as WaPo puts it in "Alleged assailant filled blog with delusional thoughts in days before Pelosi attack" — he "was frustrated that the doors were painted and so could not be used by a fairy," and The most delightfully layered accusation of fake news. "Great tweet by Elon Musk, deftly knocking Hillary Clinton's message askew." At Bearing Arm, Hammer attack at the Pelosi home illustrates importance of firearms.

NYPo inquires Are we living through ‘Weekend at Biden’s’? America needs to know, but the complicit media won’t ask. Atop Da Hill, Will he or won’t he? Pressure mounts on Biden for post-midterm decision. Whatever Dr. Jill wants. At WaEx, Paul Bedard's White House Report Card: Zogby says, ‘Week belonged to GOP’. Matt Margolis wants you to WATCH: Did Joe Biden Cop a Feel With His 18-Year-Old Granddaughter? Ambiguous. At SLAY, Hunter Biden Was Target of ‘Chinese Intelligence Mission,’ Ex-AG Warns. I would be shocked if he weren't. The Babylon Bee, After Using FBI To Suppress Son’s Crimes And Raid Political Rival’s Home, Biden Warns Democracy In Danger. It could also go in the Notthebee.

CBS/Yougov (at Haut Hair), GOP leads generic ballot by 16 points among independents. Jim Antle at WaEx, Blue wall falls: How Democrats' dreams of a House majority collapsed in a New York minute. From NR, Rick Scott Predicts GOP Will Win at Least 52 Senate Seats in Midterms. At Wa Ex, Trump card: Forecast predicts Donald Trump is set to be the big winner on election night. 'Bonchie' at Red States sees Jen Psaki Travels to Pennsylvania to Interview Voters, Doesn't Get the Answers She Wanted. Fox News@FoxNews, "Jen Psaki told by Pennsylvania mom that economy, jobs are biggest voting issues: ‘Not the answer you wanted’

Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, Talk we must about Fetterman's burning yard sign. Very suspicious. As Jennifer Van Laar at Red State reports What Are the Odds? Burned Fetterman Sign Was on Farm of DNC Speaker

At Twitchy, Herschel Walker responds to Obama dismissing him as an unserious ‘celebrity’ candidate (OUCH!). “Two years ago [Obama] told us to vote for Joe Biden didn’t he?” Perfect! Yes, and how’d that work out?" The Tennessee Star has a Poll: Walker Now Has a 5-Point Lead over Warnock in Georgia U.S. Senate Race.

Causing liberal heads to explode, At PM,  Kari Lake endorses Doug Mastriano in PA governor's race and at the Conservative Brief, Kari Lake Invites Elon Musk to Relocate Twitter HQ To Arizona. More explosions as At ET, Tulsi Gabbard Endorses Republican Adam Laxalt for Senate, Calling His Opponent ‘Joe Biden’s Rubber Stamp’ and Breitbart reports Ron DeSantis to Stump for NY Gubernatorial Candidate Lee Zeldin Ahead of Election Day

Tiffany Smiley
Mike LaChance at LI, sees a New Poll that Finds Democrat Patty Murray Only One Point Ahead of Republican Tiffany Smiley in WA State Senate Race. Within the margin by which polls usually overstate Democratic leads.

At Da Blaze, Democrat candidate in Arkansas arrested for allegedly making 'terroristic' threats "On Friday, Diamond Arnold-Johnson, 32, who is currently running to be the state auditor of Arkansas, was arrested while she was conducting a Facebook Live stream. According to reports, she had an outstanding warrant for first-degree terroristic threatening, a Class D felony."

At JTN, Wisconsin appeals court outlaws practice of spoiling absentee ballots to vote again "Few voters end up "spoiling" ballots." But then, how can Democrats "fix" the vote? The NewNeo looks at Ballot harvesting in Florida

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: HMS Eskimo and FMJRA 2.0: Minuet awaiting your digital pleasure at The Other McCain.

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