Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Sleepy, Sloppy Joe’s Slouch To ‘Armageddon’, Vance and Ryan Rumble, Murky in Trouble

Joseph Curl at Da Wire reports how Biden Drops Below 50% On All 10 Of Americans’ Top Priorities. I&I has a poll the finds an I&I/TIPP Poll that shows 64% Of Voters ‘Concerned’ Over Biden’s Mental Health. 36% know he's senile, but they're Democrats and don't give a damn because their in control. From Twitchy, Townhall’s compilation of Biden’s pander-palooza of a political career is something else

Fred Lucas at Front Page, Biden DOJ Weaponized for 2022 Midterms, "What could possibly go wrong?" Jonathon Turley, discourses on The Golden Rule and the Hunter Biden Scandal: Three Questions Raised by the FBI Leak. On the lighter side, at Twitchy, Tweep’s ‘hobby’ of finding sofas and other objects that Jill Biden’s dresses are ‘MADE from’ results in spectacularly HILARIOUS thread. Bad taste is not a federal crime, yet. At I&I again, ‘One-Stop Chop’ Can Stave Off Sleepy, Sloppy Joe’s Slouch To ‘Armageddon’ — And More. From Matt Taibbi, Anthony Blinken Raises the Pucker Factor on Dissent "A brief note about disagreement in the blacklist age." Thad McCotter at HE makes the case that Democrats are Projecting Civil War to Promote Voter Turnout.

At Am Think Andrea Widburg thinks The WaPo runs a paranoid, delusional article about a second Trump term
The WaPo has put together a panicked article relying on myriad experts to predict the horrors of a second Trump term. The long essay shows epic delusion and projection about the worst aspects of Democrat party governance.

The article’s title is pure paranoia: What Will Happen to America if Trump Wins Again? Experts Helped Us Game It Out. The scenarios are ... grim. The contents are based upon ideas from “21 experts in the presidency, political science, public administration, the military, intelligence, foreign affairs, economics and civil rights” who “sketched chillingly plausible chains of potential actions and reactions that could unravel the nation.” None seems to realize that she/he/it is describing what Democrats have already done

Insty quips, DEMOCRAT “THOUGHT LEADERS” FEAR TRUMP MIGHT DO TO THEM WHAT THEY’VE BEEN DOING TO TRUMP SUPPORTERS: “To help game out the consequences of another Trump administration, I turned to 21 experts in the presidency, political science, public administration, the military, intelligence, foreign affairs, economics and civil rights.” "Our leading intellectuals are disproportionately hysterical, irrational, twits. And they’re fine with totalitarianism so long as they’re confident of being in charge."

Brandon Morse at Red State believes Those Believing Polls Showing Democrats Winning Get a Frightening Dose of Reality. Rich Lowry at NR (cited at Haut Hair) considers  When inflation meets Dobbs. Not everybody wants or needs an abortion. Everybody needs to eat. At Da Mail, Clinton advisor James Carville says Democrats constantly running abortion ads in swing states won't work while the Republicans pummel candidates on crime and the cost of living. Capt. Ed at Haut catches WaPoo whining Man, things look grim for Democrats among those Latinxes, or something. CNS News thinks Black Republicans Could Make History in Midterm Elections by being elected to the House in record numbers. 

There were apparently fireworks at the debate between JD Vance and Tim Ryan vying for the open Senate seat in Ohio, which Republicans need to break even. 'Becca Downs at Town Hall reports the Democrat Candidate in Ohio Senate Race Has Debate Meltdown. A Breitbart, Democrat Tim Ryan Doubles Down on Call to ‘Kill and Confront’ MAGA Republicans, Specifically Targets J.D. Vance in Violent Rhetoric. It's only rhetorical when Democrats do it. Also at Breitbart, J.D. Vance Hammers Tim Ryan: Ohio Girl Would Not Have Been Raped by Illegal Alien If You Had Done Your Job. Paula Bolyard at PJ Media claims J.D. Vance DOMINATES in Ohio Senate Debate Against Radical Left-Wing Congressman Tim Ryan. (Also a link to a video of the full debate). Wa Free Bee hits Ryan for hypocrisy, Tim Ryan Took Money From Opioid Distributor Whose Executives Mocked Addicts as ‘Pillbillies’ "On the campaign trail, Ryan attacks pharmaceutical companies for profiting from 'getting Americans hooked on opiates'"

At PJ Media VIP, Matt Margolis wonders If Elected, How Long Would Fetterman Last in the Senate?. The Wa Free Bee noted brain-damaged Stroke Victim John Fetterman Still Needs Closed Captions To Understand Questions and highlights how Fetterman Opposed ‘Tough on Crime’ Policies in Bid for Anti-Cop Group’s Endorsement.

Kelly Tshibaka
Breitbart claims an Exclusive: Herschel Walker Unfazed by Media ‘Trying to Muddy Up the Water’ with Attacks. Capt. Ed criticizes Hobbs' "choice": Abortion on demand until birth. Da Caller thinks Alaskan Senator Murkowski Is In Danger Of Losing Reelection to Republican Kelly Tshibaka. I would like to think so, but I'm less than convinced. At Town Hall, Matt Vespa recounts how Kari Lake Tried to Speak With Democrat Opponent at a Town Hall Event. She Got Booted Instead. KT at Haut Hair laughs as The Dixie Chicks endorsed Robert Francis O'Rourke and the crowd booed. David Strom at Haut Hair is bullish on Johnson in Wisconsin,  Johnson will win in Wisconsin. By how much is the only question. KT wonders Is Oklahoma's gubernatorial race the sleeper race of the midterm elections? Capt. Ed, Morning Consult: Suddenly, no one likes Joe Manchin in WV after deal with Schumer, but he's not up for reelection until 2024.

Ace wakes up and takes note of how the Very Smart Twitter Blue Checks Mock Lauren Boebert's "Two Words: Let's Go Brandon!" Joke

Ah, the Twitter Blue Checks. How very intelligent they are. Check their timelines. They'll tell you all about it.

Aviators Sunglasses Enthusiast and Rocket Scientist Joe Biden visited a Volvo plant and began with Bidenesque aplomb, "Let me start off with two words: Made in America."

Mocking him, Lauren Boebert tweeted: "Two words: "Let's go Brandon!"

John Sexton at Haut Hair has an update on the Drive-by shooting the leaves two teenagers injured outside Lee Zeldin's home "When asked by a reporter whether this was an appropriate time to talk about politics, Mr. Zeldin became animated. “At what point are we supposed to talk about the crime on our own streets?” he said. “I’m standing in front of crime scene tape in front of my own house.”"

At Da Fed, Shawn Fleetwood reports Colorado’s Democratic Secretary Of State Sent ‘Get Out The Vote’ Postcards To 30,000 Noncitizens. A "database" error. To err is human, but you can really fuck things up big time with a computer. NYPo says Michelle Obama’s ‘When We All Vote’ partners with BLK dating app that made ‘No Voting No Vucking’ video "In the video, Trina sings the lyrics “but you want to flirt, I’ll show you how to be a poll worker.”" At Am Think, David Ennocenti compares and contrasts Election denial or Election Fraud Denial?
Daniel Greenfield at Front Page is scandalized by How the Dems Built a Non-Profit Local Fake News Machine "And the IRS is letting them get away with it." MSN, Paypal falls after weekend blowback over misinformation policy that would have fined users $2,500. At Da Wire, PayPal Value Down $6 Billion, ‘Delete PayPal’ Searches Soar 1,300% After Daily Wire Report Exposes ‘Misinformation’ Policy. Why use a bank that threatens to steal your money for wrong think?

Pat Nolan at Am Spec wonders Can the FBI’s Reputation Sink Any Lower? "Attention will be on Igor Danchenko this week, but he’s not the one who should be nervous." Yes, as Wa Free Bee reports the FBI Officials Who Briefed Facebook on Hunter Biden Story Are Dem Donors "Social network says it censored story after briefing from government agents. The redoubtable Julie Kelly highlights the efforts of Elvis Chan: Cyber Conduit Between FBI and Big Tech, "This FBI agent based in the Silicon Valley and working with social media companies to censor what you see on their platforms has a long history of blocking and tackling for his Democratic bosses."

At Front Page and not the Babylon Bee, Is This America? Jan. 6 Prisoners Ask for Transfer to Gitmo "When a U.S. administration treats Taliban prisoners better than American citizens."

These Americans, whose most serious crime is trespassing, state that they “have and will continue to endure” a long list of horrors, including “Begging for Help / Water / Medical Aid / Mercy through a 4 inch by 10 inch window of cold metal doors”; “No Visitations”; “No Religious Services”; “No Attorney Access”; and “Mail delayed 3-4 months prior to delivery.” Their laundry is returned “with brown stains, pubic hair, and or reeking of ripe urine.” They have found worms in their salads at mealtime, and the food is so poor that many are now suffering from a variety of ailments. In their cells, they endure black mold, cockroaches, and mice, and are denied “basic cleaning equipment to sanitize Living Space.” They have been “Stuck in Cells for 9 days without shower.” Medical professionals arrive months after they were requested, or not at all. They’re allowed to use tablets that are filled with “C.R.T. Propaganda”; “Re-Education Propaganda”; and “Racially Biased information.” They are made to endure “Solitary Confinement for 25 ½ hours or more at a time.” They have been “repeatedly Mocked and or Insulted for our skin color or “religious” documentation,” and have been “compared to ‘Beasts’, ‘Dogs’ and ‘Hogs by ‘The Final Call’ Magazine.” Jail staff mock them by wearing “Democrat, Black Lives Matter, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden related attire.” Meanwhile, they are “sent to ‘The Hole’ if we express any political views whatsoever.”

That isn’t even close to all of it; the prisoners even charge physical and sexual assault by the guards. They accordingly ask Garland: “We hereby request to spend our precious and limited days, should the government continue to insist on holding us captive unconstitutionally as pre-trial detainees, to be transferred and reside at Guantanamo Bay, a detention facility that actually provides nutritional meals, routine sunlight exposure, top notch medical care, is respectful of religious requirements, has centers for exercise/entertainment for its detainees despite the fact that those residents are malicious terrorists, real members of the Taliban, and few are United States Citizens, instead of remaining trapped within the wretched confines of cruel and unusual punishment of the DC Jail.”

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