Sunday, July 5, 2020

Beach Report 7/5/20

An almost brutally hot day at the beach, with both temperatures and humidity in the upper 80s or lower 90s, lots of sun, and no breeze to speak of. And despite last night's demonstration, the beach was clean. Damn Tea Partiers!
 Well, except for this left over.
Not really good weather for huskies, Skye insisted on a rest in the little streams coming out onto the beach, all three of them, both coming and going.
Here's where one of them comes down out of the woods above Matoaka. The only two arrowheads we've ever found at the beach came from near this stream. Makes you wonder.
 Looking north from there. A long empty beach.
Both Long Beach and Calvert Beach were all but deserted. Hangovers? But Matoaka had a decent crowd for "Hispanic Sunday", as someone who works there calls it. Apparently, Sunday is the only day many of them take off (although Spanish can be heard there on weekdays too). It's become very popular with the Hispanic community, through word of mouth I'd guess, and it's about the only beach open to people from out of the county.

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