Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Woman Who Ate Her Own Sister

This woman absorbed her own sister in the womb
Muhl, a singer and entertainer from California, has been diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called chimerism, meaning that she and her fraternal twin fused together while still in the womb. According to Muhl, the condition is so rare that only around 100 cases have been confirmed worldwide.

The most troubling part, however, is the fact that chimerism can result in a host of adverse health issues.

Muhl told Yahoo! Lifestyle that she first became aware of her unusual condition when she was little, after noticing that none of her friends’ bodies appeared to be divided down the middle into two different pigmentations, like her own. Later, when she started experiencing strange illnesses, her doctors realized she wasn’t just sporting a large birthmark as originally diagnosed.
It turns out that absorbing your sister in the womb isn't such a good idea.

“My autoimmune issues started pretty heavily as a preteen and that was very difficult being so young, especially not knowing why I was sick,” Muhl told Yahoo.

It took until Muhl was in her mid-20s to be diagnosed with chimerism, she told the Daily Mail. Her health issues then were determined to be the result of one half of her body attacking the other, as she carries two sets of DNA and therefore, two “different” immune systems, the site reports.
I hadn't heard that chimera's faced severe autoimmune problems, but it makes sense.
To fight off any further health issues, Muhl says, she ingests strong probiotics and vitamin supplements and commits herself to a healthy, active lifestyle.

“Even with doing all of that, though, I still endure autoimmune problems and food sensitivities daily, so emotionally it can get frustrating and wearing,” she told Yahoo.
So, If you're a counter, is she one girl or two?

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