Monday, January 29, 2018

#NotHerToo: Sharon Stone Thinks #MeToo Going Too Far

'You can't charge a person with murder when they've only got a parking ticket': Sharon Stone slams Harvey Weinstein - but risks #MeToo backlash as she warns against punishing all sexual predators the same way
Hollywood predator Harvey Weinstein should be locked up, says Sharon Stone, but she has warned against punishing all men accused of sexual misbehaviour in the same way.
 Sharon's Rule 5 post.
In a frank interview with The Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine today, the actress says: ‘In every crime there are misdemeanours and felonies, and I think if someone’s committed a misdemeanour they can’t be treated like they’ve committed a felony. You can’t charge someone for murder when they’ve got a parking ticket.’ Her comments echo those of Matt Damon, who was criticised by #MeToo campaigners for saying there is a ‘difference between patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation’.

Ms Stone – famous for her sexually charged scenes in the 1992 movie Basic Instinct – condemns Weinstein, saying: ‘I hope he goes to jail,’ adding that the producer, who has been accused of rape, is ‘coarse and mean and violent and abusive’. She adds: ‘He thinks he’s a big martyr but he’s a pisher [a nobody]’. In a forthright assertion of how women should deal with predatory men, Ms Stone says: ‘We have two legs. You can leave a room. You can say “stop it”. You have an opportunity not to participate.’
Common sense from a Hollywood actress. Has anyone checked the temperature in Hell recently?

Wombat-socho has "Rule 5 Sunday: Eagles With Elbows" ready and waiting.


  1. she is exactly correct. if a man asks a woman for sex one time and is refused and never bothers her again, that is not harassement. if a man says something suggestive to a woman and she doesn't like it she should tell him. there is such a thing as biology. every man will hit on most women. women will use sex to get what they want. laws will not change that.

  2. I agree. if I see an attractive woman at work and tell her, that is not harassement. that is biology. even if I am her superior at work. unless it is a continuing thing it is not harassment.