Thursday, January 4, 2018

And the Tie Goes To . . .

The Republicans: Republican wins contested Virginia race after name drawn from bowl
Republican David Yancey won a hotly contested Virginia House of Delegates race after his name was drawn from a bowl on Thursday. Last month, a recount put Democrat Shelly Simonds ahead of Yancey by just one vote, but the contest was later ruled a tie. With Yancey's victory, Republicans retain their majority in the chamber. Simonds has indicated she may challenge the result.
It's interesting that control of the House of Delegates came to depend on a single disputed ballot, which was ultimately counted for the Republican, giving the tie. I'm quite confident in Terry McAuliffe's Virginia that no illegal aliens or ineligible felons voted for the Democrat. /sarc off

It's also amusing that after all the cries of "count every vote," Democrats really aren't very happy with this one.

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