Monday, January 15, 2018

Reason #5879 and #5880 That Trump Was Elected

Venus Romero Iraheta
Brought to you by Stacy McCain. First: Violence Against Women: Video Shows Confession in MS-13 Gang Murder
MS-13, Mara Salvatrucha, is a notoriously violent criminal gang formed in Los Angeles in the 1980s by “millions of immigrants from El Salvador [who] came to the United States after a violent civil war” in that country (which President Trump recently called a “sh–hole”).

Last week, a Maryland teenager pleaded guilty to murdering a 15-year-old girl she blamed for the death of her boyfriend:
“I grabbed her by the throat and I couldn’t help but hit her.”
That is what 18-year-old Venus Romero Iraheta said during an interrogation with police as she confessed to the brutal gang-related murder of a 15-year-old girl in Fairfax County.
Iraheta pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, abduction and criminal street gang participation in the stabbing death of Damaris Reyes Rivas on Monday.
The interrogation video was recorded on Feb. 14, a month after the murder. Officials released it Wednesday just days after Iraheta’s guilty plea. . . .
Iraheta, who was 17 years old at the time of the murder, told interrogators that she sought to avenge the death of her boyfriend, Christian Sosa Rivas, a known member of MS-13. She believed Reyes Rivas was responsible for his death and arranged to have her taken into the woods at Lake Accotink Park, where Iraheta tortured and interrogated Reyes Rivas before stabbing her to death.
In the interrogation video, Iraheta describes what she said to the victim.
Through a translator, Iraheta told police: “You’re going to remember me until the day we see each other in hell. Don’t forget my name. And I told her my full name and I told her my nickname. And I told it to her and I told her to never forget who I was. I told her someday we were going to see each other again.”
Officer: “And then what did you do?”
Iraheta in English: “I killed her.”
Officer: “How did you kill her?”
Iraheta in English: “With a knife.” . . .
But you can be sure that she'll vote Democrat after Maryland allows convicted  felons to vote, like Terry McAuliffe  did in Virginia.

And Illegal Alien Causes Mayhem by Threatening to Shoot Bus Passengers
Bizarre news from Wisconsin:
The man arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot and kill people on a Greyhound bus Friday night was a previously deported illegal immigrant living in Chicago, Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling said Saturday.
During a news conference Saturday afternoon at the Racine County Sheriff’s Office substation, Schmaling said Margarito Vargas-Rosas, 33, was being held in the Lake County (Ill.) Jail in Waukegan on pending charges of making terroristic threats, a Class I felony, and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.
The sequence of events leading to Vargas-Rosas’ arrest began on board a Greyhound bus bound for Chicago from Milwaukee on Interstate 94, Schmaling said. At 9:45 p.m., while the bus was in Milwaukee County, at least two passengers aboard the bus called 911 to report a man was threatening to shoot and kill passengers.
Milwaukee County deputies were unable to stop the bus and turned the call over to Racine County Sheriff’s Office deputies to make the stop, Schmaling said. . . .
In Kenosha County, the Sheriff’s Department there and Wisconsin State Patrol joined in trying to pull the Greyhound over, Schmaling said. Their assistance included spiking the bus tires. . . .
“The suspect was ordered out at gunpoint,” the sheriff said. “He did comply — rather reluctantly — but he was ultimately taken into custody without incident.”
Build the damn wall!

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