Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Ginger Giveaway

A Restaurant in Wales Offers Burger Discounts to Redheads
Mark Linaker, who describes himself as a "former ginger", says that Ginger’s Grill in Prestatyn will be giving "something back" to the area's beleagured ginger community.

“I feel that gingers deserve a break," Mark told Wales Online.

"As one of my friends said to me, gingers have been getting stick for a long time now so it is time they got something back.

“I am a former ginger myself before I started losing my hair and decided to shave it all off, so I know what it is like to be a ginger.

"The deal will be 20% off a meal for a genuine ginger."
The British Isles have the highest occurrence of the "ginger" gene (actually a gene complex) of anywhere in the world. In parts of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the percentage of people with red hair exceeds 10%, so he's offering discounts to a substantial number of people.
Mark has not revealed how his staff will determine whether customers are "genuine" gingers - or how red one's hair needs to be before the discount takes effect.

He also has plans to feed discounted food to red heads further afield.

“I think we have a good brand and I don’t want to stop at Prestatyn," he says.
Would such discrimination even be legal in the US. Could you announce a discount for straight blonde hair, and not find yourself attacked for racism?

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