Friday, April 8, 2016

Government Beavers Bug Perryman

The local beavers' hard work at a small lake on Forest Green Road, off of Perryman Road, has created a headache for residents and the county has begun dismantling their efforts.

"Some enterprising beavers started to build a dam" at the beginning of March, Richard Dixon, who has lived on Park Beach Drive since 1980, said Monday.

The dam, about 50 yards from Forest Green Road, has been causing mild flooding on the road, but has not created major traffic issues, he said.

Although the area has seen beaver dams before, they were "not like this," he said. "This is really kind of quick."
. . .
Harford County did put up small signs reading "High Water" in the area, Dixon said.

The 102-acre property housing the lake was acquired by the county in pieces from the Harford Land Trust, with the bulk of it being taken over in 1995, county spokesperson Cindy Mumby said.

The site came with restrictive covenants, requiring it to be a natural-use area, she said.

The county also received authorization from the Department of Natural Resources in 2001 to allow it to deal with beavers on the site, if they are a nuisance, she said.
I hear Beaver isn't bad eating, and if they get them before the weather warms, the pelt ought to be worth something.

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