Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I Told You They Were Still Here

Ron "One Fish" invited me to go fishing on his boat today. We headed out about 3 PM, after dithering a while, hoping the NNE 15 kt wind would slack off some. It didn't, and we went anyway.
The "Rips" at "Location X" are rough in a NE wind. That particular direction sets up big wave in the rip the throw a boat around a bit. Ron got a good hit fairly soon.
It turned out to be a portly 38 inch fish, almost certainly female at that size. I told you the big fish were still around.
It put my little 21 inch fish to shame. Fishing was tough, though, and the boating was rough, so we left before the traditional sunset picture.
Not, however, before we had a short visit from Maryland DNR, who wanted to make sure we had enough life jackets. He was also checking on potential business for Saturday's opening day of Striped Bass season in the Bay.

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