Saturday, April 30, 2016

Continuing Gender Wars at

A Sanders supporter (it is HuffPo afterall) eagerly awaits the Hillary's demise at the hand of the FBI. Dear FBI, the Democratic Party’s Future Rests Upon Your Investigation of Clinton’s Emails
It’s important for everyone at the FBI to know that your investigation, and I say this with all due respect, is viewed as a source of amusement for many writers, pundits, and observers loyal to Clinton. The 22 Top Secret emails on a private server (something that should disqualify anyone running for president) are either completely ignored by party faithful, or rationalized by twisted logic. Nothing is taken seriously anymore; everything is viewed through the belief that Republicans are worse, therefore Clinton’s indiscretions are meaningless.
It's hard to image Sanders taking national security seriously either, except to give everything away to the commies and socialists.

The "woman card" story from yesterday continues to resonate. The Ed Driscol at  Instapundit notes:
Huh — I can remember just last week when gender was still fluid and entirely a social construct. Very edgy of Hillary to push back against the worldview driving her own party’s war on ladies rooms!
Hillary says  I can handle men who go 'off the reservation', while Ann Althouse chides:
I'm surprised she used the phrase "off the reservation." I know Donald Trump has been attacking "political correctness," but he doesn't gratuitously use figures of speech that relate to groups that have been oppressed in American history. His political incorrectness is plain speech about current problems, not metaphor. For reference, here's an piece from 2014 explaining "off the reservation":
In its literal and original sense, as you would expect, the term was used in the 19th century to describe the activities of Native Americans:
"Secretary Hoke Smith...has requested of the Secretary of War the aid of the United States troops to arrest a band of Navajo Indians living off the reservation near American Valley, New Mexico, who have been killing cattle, etc." (Washington Post, May 23, 1894)
Many of the news articles that used the term in a literal sense in the past were also expressing undisguised contempt and hatred, or, at best, condescension for Native Americans — "shiftless, untameable...a rampant and intractable enemy to civilization" (New York Times, Oct. 27, 1886)....
Can we bleach all color out of the language as quickly as possible? I'm tired of all the color.

Democrats Have a Serious Male Voter Problem
Say what you want about the Republican’s “women problem,” but Democrats have their own gender problem—and it’s bigger.

In every single primary this election cycle for which there are exit polls, more women than men have cast their votes for the Democratic nominee—and the gender gap appears to be getting wider. In all three of the primary states that voted Tuesday for which there are exit polls—Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania—Democrats had a gender gap of 20-points or larger.
. . .
The disconnect in the Democratic Party among male voters—especially white male voters—has been well documented. But as media outlets and Democrats love to focus on the gender gap among Republicans that favors men, they ignore the massive gender gap on the Democratic Party that favors women. It’s due in large part these days to the Party’s consistent pandering to women and minorities while ignoring white men.
Seriously, why would a man vote for Hillary? Except Dana Milbank, if he counts. But even he has doubts about value of the gender card:
. . . The priming of voters with the gender-role question caused women to support Clinton even more strongly, by an extra 12 percentage points. But this didn’t offset the losses the experiment caused Clinton among men. Overall, she lost 8 percentage points when voters were reminded about changing gender roles.

What this shows, and what Trump apparently recognizes, is that the gender gap cuts both ways. Trump has already lost the votes of liberal and moderate women (and of liberal men, who, like women, tended to be even more pro-Clinton when they were primed with the gender-role question). Playing the man card — appealing to a male sense of feeling threatened by changing gender roles — can help Trump boost turnout among conservative and evangelical Christian men, while peeling off some support from non-white men and older, anti-feminist women.

The gender gap “probably hurts him more than it helps him, but it’s close,” Cassino told me. “I don’t think it’s a big loser in the general election.”
And one throw-away: Clinton to take hard line with Sanders, say allies
The Vermont senator has been trying to push Clinton and Democrats to adopt positions on free tuition at public colleges, and to break up the nation’s six largest banks to lessen their dominance in the credit card and mortgage business.

Clinton supporters argue the former secretary of State has already been forced to the left by Sanders, and can’t risk moving further ahead of a general election.

“I don’t know what’s left to extract,” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), a Clinton supporter, said in an interview with The Hill.

He said the Democratic primary moved the discussion “farther to the left than most moderate Democrats would like to see.

“Some would say it even endangers a victory in November because the further you go to the left or right, the further you frustrate independents,” Cleaver said. “He’s already impacted this election probably more than anyone else including Donald Trump.”

Another ally bluntly said it will not be possible for Clinton to compromise with Sanders on some policy demands.
I guess there's nothing left for Bernie except to run third party!

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