Monday, April 25, 2016

Playing Catch Up at

We just got back, and stuff packed away, and it's time to deal with three days of accumulate material:

Judge Napolitano says FBI has “overwhelming” evidence to indict and convict Clinton - Sure, and it's also true the administration will run interference as long as possible; which may be forever.

According to Salon, Hillary’s primary success is a sham: Bernie Sanders will remain the true Democratic front-runner until the FBI finishes its Investigation - It's not over until the FBI clears Hillary Clinton— which it absolutely shouldn't. But see above.

Chelsea opened a can of worms with a Kinsleyan Gaffe by admitting that "Now that Scalia’s Gone We Can Enact Gun Control." In an attempt to save her vote in Pennsylvania, Hillary tweeted "I know how important gun ownership & particularly hunting is here in Northeastern Pennsylvania." To which the Instapundit quipped "I know which Clinton I believe".  The less experienced liar? Powerline was blunter. "Hillary Wants Your Guns." Yes, she does, while she stands behind a wall of well armed private security and Secret Service Agents.

McAuliffe restores voting rights for 206K ex-felons; GOP calls it move to boost Clinton. I believe that the rights of felons should be restored, but after a slightly more selective process than a blanket amnesty, given the high rate of recidivism. However, Hillary tweeted "Proud of my friend @GovernorVA for continuing to break down barriers to voting." She could be one soon enough.

Judicial Watch was rejected for consideration of a Pulitzer for it's reporting on Hillary Clinton's Benghazi woes and email scandals on the ground that It ‘Does Not Qualify As A News Site’, despite the fact that similar activist organizations on the left are routinely awarded Pulitzers. Go figure.

Hillary Clinton Has No Regrets About Libya Breaking news, she also has no sense of shame.

Women continue to give Hillary the cold shoulder: Gallup: No interest in Clinton even among Democratic women.
Women have never paid as much attention to the current race as men, but Gallup found that the attention gap has expanded in recent months.

Once just two points apart, in February, the gap is now 13 points and is seen in both Democratic and Republican ranks as men continue to be engaged in the election dominated by news coverage of Republican Donald Trump.
What if they held an election and the women didn't show up to vote? Well, That blows Hillary's Whole Campaign Rationale: Jodie Foster tired of ‘the woman thing’: There’s no ‘big plot to keep women down.’

Get Off My Lawn! Bubba does it again, blaming kids for the nation's economic woes. Sometimes I think he doesn't want her to win.

Hillary has ‘described a vision’ of a running mate With unicorns in short supply, she has indicated:
Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, former governors from the key state of Virginia; Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who represents both a more liberal wing of the party and a swing state; former Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, a prominent African-American Democrat; and Thomas E. Perez, President Obama’s labor secretary and a Hispanic civil rights lawyer.
Or even more fantastical, Liz "Fauxcahontas" Warren.

Does he know something about the FBI investigation that we don't? Biden hits back at Clinton's criticism of Sanders

Confused Hillary Clinton Rejects Charles Koch 'Endorsement' But I'm pretty sure she'd take money from Satan.

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