Friday, April 8, 2016, Read All About It!

Another day, another load. In the email scandal, Jonah Goldberg reminds us that we don't need to really look at the emails themselves to know there was a crime, The Server Is the Smoking Gun, Part 2,088,129
As I’ve been ranting for quite a while, the never-ending search for the smoking gun in Hillary’s e-mails keeps missing the huge smoking artillery piece lying out in plain sight: the server itself. It was if not an explicitly criminal act to create it, it was a criminal act to use it the way she did. All of the e-mails that have come to light simply demonstrate that fact. It also bears repeating that every single thing Hillary Clinton said in that initial press conference at the U.N. has been proven to be a lie several times over.
Why is the FBI so slow on Clinton e-mail probe? My guess is that the White House and Loretta Lynch are throwing up internal road blocks.
IF FBI Director James Comey feels no deadline pressure to wrap up the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server, he should.

“The urgency is to do it well and promptly. And ‘well’ comes first,” Comey told local law enforcement agents in Buffalo on Monday, according to the Niagara Gazette.

“Well” is important. But so is “promptly,” and the FBI’s definition of that is unclear.

The probe, underway for a year now, addresses a fundamental question: Did Clinton intentionally or recklessly forward classified information in a way that put the country at risk?

Getting the answer sooner rather than later seems only fair.
Meanwhile, Clinton continues to bluster, 'Everyone Who Violates the Law Anywhere Should Be Held Accountable', knowing full well the media and the democrats in law enforcement have her back.

With regard to Wall Street and Hillary Clinton, I think Bernie has it exactly backwards: Clinton made 'deal with the devil'. I think it's Wall Street that needs an 11 ft spoon. Hillary’s campaign behemoth built on a mountain of secret cash but that won't keep her from whining about Republican money. Naturally, CNN’s parent company is one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors. Link is dead for now, but you can find the news here. But they're neutral, right?

The Democratic pair have gotten into a war of words, with Hillary declaring Bernie "unqualified" for office, and then Bernie ticks off ways Clinton not ‘qualified’ to be president. Too bad they can't just get along and see they're both right.

Hillary Clinton better take notice before being Coakleyed
Clinton is veering dangerously close to the fate Coakley famously suffered in the 2010 Massachusetts U.S. Senate race, when she took winning for granted and got the surprise of her life from populist Republican Scott Brown. Instead of trying to court the enthusiasm that has fueled Bernie Sanders’ current surge at the polls and in fundraising, Clinton is trying to kill it. And as the crucial April 19 New York contest looms, she can’t 
afford more mistakes.
Bill Clinton gets back on the campaign trail and says the world is coming apart under Barack Obama, and then, takes on a Black Lives Matter protester in a Sister Soljah sort of moment. That's gonna help black turnout. It's almost like he doesn't want the scrutiny of being the big dog on the porch, not that I can blame him.

In anticipation of the New York primary Hillary hillariously sought to burnish her New York bona fides by using the subway. Apparently not knowing where to walk after 20 years of finding red carpet rolled out in front of her wherever she walked, she had to be helped by aides and a friendly press corps. All Aboard The Lapdog Train! Journos Help Hillary Spin Her Subway Ride. Roll tape:

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