Saturday, April 9, 2016

SJWs Plot Destruction of STEM Fields

Feds Spend $548,459 Studying Male Students’ ‘Microaggressions’ Towards Women
The National Science Foundation is spending over $500,000 to videotape male engineering students while they work in labs to see if they are causing women to experience “microaggressions.”

The University of Michigan received the funding for a three-year project that is studying whether male college students ignore their fellow female classmates’ work.
Really? You're supposed to pay attention to your classmates work? I thought that was the teachers job.
“Because engineering is cast as a masculine field, women engineering students can experience subtle yet pervasive stereotypic messages in their learning environments that can negatively influence their experiences,” according to the grant for the study. “This early stage research project will identify specific behavioral manifestations of gender stereotypes—microaggressions—and their cumulative effect on learning, performance, and persistence in introductory engineering course teamwork.”
So really, what they are likely to call microagressions are any overt acknowledgement of sexual identity in class, however trivial, given that an SJW type personality can find offense in the smallest acknowledgement, either positive or negative, of biological sex, (noticing the bending of gender in the impossibly rare transsexual in a favorable way is, of course, mandated).
“Such microaggressions may cause the climate of the team to become less welcoming to women,” the researchers warn. “The proposed research unites two areas of strong research interest (social science research on gender stereotypes and engineering education on teamwork and climate) to advance understanding of women’s underrepresentation in engineering as compared to men.”
What's not being mentioned here of course, is the significant lead that women have in college enrollment in general (57% overall). But we're supposed to assume that when women lead in the enrollment in a particular field, it's not due to prejudice in the field against men, but rather women's superior skills and preparation.
The study has received $548,459 in taxpayer funding since it began in September 2014. The project is estimated to continue through August 2017.
 Pure payoff of the SJWs to keep them out of the way of NSF. Remember the Sudetenland.

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