Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ships, Eagles and Rodents at the Beach

After lunch today, I let Skye nag me into taking a walk down to the beach. It's overcast, cool (55 F) and calm here, and just a bit misty at times.
From the raked mast and the sails, I'm pretty sure this was the Pride of Baltimore II heading down the Bay, a long way out. The hull was below the horizon, and some of the rigging, (especially the bowsprit) is reflected in a mirage.
A juvenile eagle was being harassed by crow (the crow is not in the photo).
And a Whistle Pig (Ground Hog) watched us pass his hole on the cliff. Back in the old days, with Skye I off the leash, it would have had a tougher time, but we don't trust Skye II off the leash (well we trust she'll run away).

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