Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fishing Report 4/26/16

Sunrise today found me at "Location X" on a walk on fishing trip with Walleye Pete and 4 other anglers.
Although you can't see much effect in the pictures, there we 15+ kt winds from the WSW. The shore gave us plenty of cover on the Western Shore, but made the later ride across the bay a bit lumpy.
Joseph with a nice one jigged up out of the outflow
 And me with my first of the year top water catch, in the shallow waters around the edge.
Which is not to say I didn't catch fish in the discharge, for example this personal first Mud Shad (also called Gizzard Shad). They really smell bad. Even for a fish.
A look at the Calvert Cliffs with the sun on them.
Our next stop was Cedar Point, to the old ruined lighthouse, just offshore of Patuxent Naval Air Station. Not much happening there fishing wise, and it was rough, so. . .
Our next stop was across the bay at the Honga River Bridge (the original bridge to nowhere, of which the Alaska bridge is a mere imitator). Not much there either, and we moved along
We hit lots of sites, and only a few of them held fish, but some of them were pretty good.
A skinny water Eastern Shore striper.
The weather radio started squawking about 2 PM, and Pete decided it was time to get back across the Bay. The Osprey nesting back at the bridge (they're on every piling around) was happy to see us go.

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