Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Morning Dump

Is it Monday already? What happened to the weekend?

I found this one sitting in a wrong folder, and I don't think it's been covered so here it comes: Emails Show Close Ties Between Clinton and Boeing
Under Clinton, the state department took a much more aggressive approach to advancing the interests of U.S. corporations abroad, often directly lobbying on their behalf, as Clinton did before Boeing received a contract with a Russian airline to purchase 50 jets at $3.7 billion in 2010. The FBI's most recent email dump shows that Clinton took a keen interest in many matters related to the corporation while Secretary of State.

While Clinton was lobbying for Boeing on foreign trade issues, the company donated more than $1 million to the Clinton family’s global foundation, while also paying her husband hundreds of thousands of dollars each for lucrative speeches the company sponsored. Clinton's State Department found no conflict of interest at the time.

Clinton's opponents have been critical of this circular relationship that has existed with several corporations. But as more emails are released as part of the ongoing FBI investigation into her use of a private email server for government business while Sec. of State, the pervasive extent to which corporations who had business before the State Department routinely donated to the family's foundation and paid her husband lucrative speaking fees is becoming more clear. It also raises questions as to whether any of the emails that Clinton and her staff deleted prior to turning the servers over to the FBI may have contained evidence of direct quid pro quo.
I'm sure that all companies who didn't support the Clintons found equal levels of support. Hence Donald Trump's new appellation for Hillary, "Crooked Hillary." It's not so much an insult as a statement of fact.

Huma faces questioning: Huma Abedin will be grilled over Hillary’s emails, which is probably appropriate because I suspect she wrote many of them and screened all of them.

Shockingly, not Hillary. Woman spits blood as exorcists battle her 'demonic possession'

We all lie, scientists say, but politicians even more so, and the Clintons are way above average for politicians.

But have you noticed, that other than being a woman, Hillary doesn't really have a theme, just a promise of more of the same?
Indeed, the more her campaign continues, the greater nebulous it might be. She released it having a clever video by which she pronounced herself ready. It had been unclear whether she meant she was ready for any unrelenting campaign or if America should get ready for a lady president. The recording showcased a variety of people saying these were ready for every part, but they didn't converge on one theme. Ready for which? Annually later, the issue still lacks a solution. The nearest Mrs Clinton originates is promising “to develop the progress Obama has made”.
George Clooney declares the amount of money in politics "ridiculous" and "obscene," just before raising a ton of money for Hillary.

From Michael Goodwin at the New York Post: You’re crazy if you think Hillary is our only option
 Clinton is the most corrupt figure in public life and her transgressions fill several books. They started with the miraculous 1978 deal where she turned a $1,000 investment into a $100,000 windfall and haven’t stopped yet. They continued during her tenure as secretary of state, where evidence shows she gave favored treatment to those who paid her husband mega-bucks or contributed to the Clinton Foundation.
. . .
With that history in mind, I declared recently that I was seriously considering supporting Trump. Nearly all the massive response was favorable, but some readers, including a few friends, went ­bonkers.

One, a Manhattan shrink, ­declared himself baffled, saying Trump’s rhetoric is “racist, illogical, inconsistent and fear-baiting.”

Given his profession, and knowing his support for Clinton, I responded with two questions: How do Clinton supporters rationalize 25 years of her immoral and sometimes illegal conduct? What is the psychological process that allows them to tell themselves that character doesn’t matter in a president?

He answered by asking, “Is the moral person always the better president?” and repeated Clinton’s claim that she is the best prepared candidate.
She may be a crook, but at least she's their crook.

Speaking of being the best prepared Our relationship with Saudi Arabia is fracturing, and Hillary doesn't know a damn thing about it.
In case you’re wondering where Hillary Clinton stands on this bill you’ll have to wait to find out. The Clinton Foundation has received more than $25M from Saudi Arabia and despite this bill having been in the works for years, Clinton told George Stephanopoulos that she really didn’t know anything about it.
Hillary Clinton Faces a Liberal War Against the 1990s
 Ahead of Tuesday's critical New York primary, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is waging in effect a political war on 90s-era policies — a tactic aimed at hitting Hillary Clinton where it hurts: her husband's presidential legacy.

Sanders' latest target is the controversial welfare reform law Bill Clinton signed while president, which Sanders opposed as a congressman and said this week was unfairly targeted at the poor.
It's true. She wants to run on her husband's record without having anyone one look hard at it. Given the political bias of the press, and the short memories of voters (and the fact that a lot of today's voters were children in the 90s) she may get away with it.

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