Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Little Dab Will Do at

A small collection today. First, off to HotAir for a funny story revealed in Hillary Clinton's email.
Julie Louis-Dreyfus received what she thought was a fan letter from Hillary Clinton back in 2013. Printed on Clinton’s Secretary of State letterhead, the note read, “Dear Julia, Hope you get everything you want as Veep — gun control, immigration and education reform.” Louis-Dreyfus, best known for her role as Elaine on Seinfeld, now stars on a show called Veep where she plays the president.

You can sort of see why Hillary Clinton might have some cause to be a fan of a show about a woman president. And Louis-Dreyfus, who is a fan of Clinton, was so pleased by the note she had it framed. But, in a story published today, Louis-Dreyfus tells the Hollywood Reporter she eventually found out Hillary wasn’t such a big fan after all:
For Louis-Dreyfus, it was more than flattery. Here was confirmation, at the highest level, of just how much her HBO comedy had won the respect of the finicky Beltway crowd.
Then, some two years later, Louis-Dreyfus would learn of a second document — the note behind the note, as it were. This one, dated around the same time and unveiled as part of a batch of exposed Clinton emails, was from the secretary of state to her then-aide, Robert V. Russo.
“A friend wants me to sign something for Julia Lewis-Dreyfus for Veep. Any ideas?” Clinton wrote, her question (and mangling of the star’s name) suggesting unfamiliarity with the series. Russo responded: “Let me brainstorm on this one/do some research. I confess I haven’t seen the show!”
It's good the see that the Secretary of State and her staff focusing on the big issues.

Hillary Clinton Is an Agent of Oppression!

Eh, abortion is not one of my issues. In fact, I think most liberals should have one or two, on the off chance that there's a genetic link.

George Clooney hates these lavish Clinton fundraisers, but they’re necessary because of Citizens United, Koch brothers. My right to free speech matches your right to free speech. Besides, it's settled law, Live with it and Move On!

MSNBC whines that Hillary Has Run for Decades Against the Media’s ‘Very Negative’ Coverage while over at Salon, Camille Paglia tells us Enough with the Hillary cult: Her admirers ignore reality, dream of worshipping a queen. Yes, of course, she wants Bernie.
I have trouble understanding the fuzzy rosy filter through which Hillary fans see their champion. So much must be overlooked or discounted—from Hillary’s compulsive money-lust and her brazen indifference to normal rules to her conspiratorial use of shadowy surrogates and her sociopathic shape-shifting in policy positions for momentary expedience.
. . .
I’m starting to wonder, given the increasing dysfunction of our democratic institutions, if the Hillary cult isn’t perhaps registering an atavistic longing for monarchy. Or perhaps it’s just a neo-pagan reversion to idolatry, as can be felt in the Little Italy street festival scene of The Godfather, Part II, where devout pedestrians pin money to the statue of San Rocco as it is carried by in procession.
Well said. Read the rest.

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