Friday, April 22, 2016

Singer Roasts Starbucks for Anti-Welsh Discrimination

Coffee shop customer allegedly 'told to speak English or get out' when ordering in Welsh
A customer who placed an order in Welsh at a Starbucks was told to “speak English or get out”, it has been claimed.

Welsh classical soprano Gwawr Edwards, from Aberystwyth , said the reaction from a member of staff when another customer ordered in Welsh was “a disgrace”.

Gwawr took to Twitter to complain about the alleged incident in her hometown.

Its translation is: “It’s a disgrace that the reaction of a staff member in @StarbucksAber to a customer trying to order in their own language was ‘Speak English or get out’.”
Gwawr, now that's name to conjure with!

You might use this one as your Welsh Rosetta Stone:

Wombat-socho has the giant "Rule 5 Sunday: Blue Shirt Double-Dip Edition" ready at The Other McCain.

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