Monday, February 8, 2016

Sic Transit Gloria

Shockingly, no mention of the State Department email scandal in today's collection.

Press finds sexism in Dems who support Sanders.
"Bernie is building a movement, we're told (with little evidence of lasting organization, by the way), but it's a movement whose loudest advocates are entitled young men who heap the vilest abuse on women who don't deign to join it," Walsh wrote in a column endorsing Clinton late January.
We shouldn't be surprised, after all, they found racism in refusal to support Obama. Note that while the press was having a lot of fun going along with Sanders for a while, they seem to be waking up in the morning with a fear that he will cost them the election.

However Young Liberal Women "Think Bernie Is The Better Feminist," "Hillary Is Only There Because Of Her Husband" Yes and yes.

Even Bill got into the act:
But he perhaps saved his toughest words for Sanders’s online supporters, derisively known in some quarters as the Bernie Bros, saying Hillary and her women supporters “have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane often, not to mention sexist, to repeat.”
Perhaps she's just too soft and gentle for the job. . .

Hillary is feminist because Feminism Is a Synonym for ‘Shut Up’
. . . consider this headline:
Gloria Steinem Says Young Women Only Support Bernie Because Boys Do
The iconic feminist Hillary supporter denounces the socialist Bernie Sanders as a patriarchal conspiracy? It’s too perfect!

America Needs Hillary for President Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle.
On Maher, Gloria said:
“Women are more for [Clinton] than men are. ...First of all, women get more radical as we get older, because we experience. ...Not to over-generalize, but ... men tend to get more conservative because they gain power as they age, women get more radical because they lose power as they age.

And, when you’re young, you’re thinking, where are the boys? The boys are with Bernie...”
What, young men will do almost anything for nookie! Even support Hillary! Young people are notoriously shallow.

But Gloria walked back her statement later:
In a case of talk-show Interruptus, I misspoke on the Bill Maher show recently, and apologize for what's been misinterpreted as implying young women aren't serious in their politics. What I had just said on the same show was the opposite: young women are active, mad as hell about what's happening to them, graduating in debt, but averaging a million dollars less over their lifetimes to pay it back. Whether they gravitate to Bernie or Hillary, young women are activist and feminist in greater numbers than ever before.
Ann Althouse on Gloria's apology.
It's a nonapology — she only purports to regret the way other people havemisinterpreted her. And there's nothing to explain how the specific words — "Where are the boys? The boys are with Bernie" — did not have the meaning that's been read into them. She only said there were other words too, and those other words are the ones that convey her real attitude toward young women. But those other words were about the way young women care about feminism, not why these women might prefer Bernie to Hillary. On that topic, she needed to grope for an explanation, and what popped out was a dismissive insult: The young women are boy crazy, looking for sexual partners. That still feels like unfiltered Gloria — what she really thinks of these girls today.

In that light, let's look at the striking phrase that begins her statement: talk-show Interruptus.

I can only think of one interpretation of that. Maybe what I'm going to say is a misinterpretation, and I eagerly encourage you to offer any alternatives that escape me. To me, it seems that it must be a play on the only "interruptus" phrase in common parlance: coitus interruptus.
Coitus interruptus, also known as the rejected sexual intercourse, withdrawal or pull-out method, is a method of birth control in which a man, during sexual intercourse, withdraws his penis from a woman's vagina prior to orgasm (and ejaculation), and then directs his ejaculate (semen) away from the vagina in an effort to avoid insemination.
So... in Gloria's metaphor, she was fucking us, hoping to inseminate us with her idea that women must vote for Hillary — is there an abortion for that? — and she pulled out too soon and her idea-ejaculate spewed fruitlessly.
If it weren't for non-apologies, the left wouldn't have any apologies at all

Jonah Golberg notes Hillary’s Sincerity (and Humor) Problem
It’s not that Hillary can’t be sincere, it’s that she’s faked sincerity for so long, about so many things, she can’t really be sure if she’s being sincere.

This helps explain why her sense of humor can be so awful. When you joke, by definition you’re not being sincere. But if you don’t know what sincerity is, you can’t successfully craft something fake. It’s like trying to forge a painting with no clear memory of the image you’re trying to copy.
The Joke is on us:
CNN has done the math on the speaking fees the Clintons has collected since Bill Clinton left office “dead broke.” The numbers are mind-boggling. The Clintons have done very well by themselves as class warriors for the common man:
Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, combined to earn more than $153 million in paid speeches from 2001 until Hillary Clinton launched her presidential campaign last spring, a CNN analysis shows. . .
There’s a joke in there somewhere — probably more than one — but I am afraid the big joke is on us.
But just maybe Hillary Clinton's venality will be her downfall.
How can she inveigh against the cost of college when she charges public universities $300,000 to deliver speeches to students who are walking away from school with $100,000 in loan debt?

How can she complain about the insidious role of money in politics when she and her husband have made an estimated $139 million from paid speeches, routing them through a complex system of charities and private companies seemingly in an effort to elude detection?

And how can Clinton claim to "feel the pain" of America's hollowed-out middle class when between 2013-15 she earned roughly $2.9 million from Wall Street banks and other financial companies for just a dozen speeches? After all, according to one estimate, that's more than the average worker with a bachelor's degree can expect to earn in a lifetime.

The answer is she can't.
But as Sarah Hoyt quipped at Instapundit "She only has to do it nine more months.

"Hillary can’t dodge Goldman Sachs questions forever
Maybe not: Clinton can’t seem to give any straight answers on her Goldman windfall.

The night before, she practically broke down when CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked why she accepted $675,000 in fees for three Goldman speeches. After a struggle, she answered, “Well, I don’t know. That’s what they offered. Every secretary of state has done that,” she said.

Not quite.

“That’s what they offered”? By all accounts, Clinton’s staff had a clear schedule of fees. One campus group that asked for a discount on her six-figure demand was told, roughly, That’s the college rate.

Over the last 16 months, Clinton raked in at least $30 million — chiefly, The New York Times reports, from closed-to-the-press speeches to corporations, banks, etc.

Care to bet on any other ex-secretary of state being so “lucky”?
Sic transit gloria mundi is a Latin phrase that means "Thus passes the glory of the world." It has been interpreted as "Worldly things are fleeting."

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