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A longer list than usual since I gave it Sunday off, so let's dive right in:

Not much in  the email scandal, except that Latest Hillary emails show her private support for trade deals she publicly opposed. What? She's a two faced liar? Whoda thunk? That highlights Bernie's demands for transcripts of Hillary's Wall Street speeches . Speaking of which, Mika Brzinski reports that a Reporter has Hillary’s Wall Street speech transcripts but has not released them. Sorta makes you suspect he/she (more likely she) is a Hillary partisan. Jonah Goldberg explains the relationship between the Clintons and the truth:
When my dog caught a rabbit at Hillsdale College a couple years ago, I was horrified. I’m no hunter and I don’t like seeing cute things kill other cute things. But when I yelled at my Carolina swamp dog, she looked at me with a single clear conviction she wanted to impart: You don’t understand — this is what I am about.

Lying is what the Clintons are about.
An amusing incident surrounding the Nevada caucuses: Hillary supporter Dolores Huerta: Sanders organizers shouted 'English only' at casino caucus site. However, from Insty: SNOPES IS NOW SAYING THAT YESTERDAY’S “ENGLISH ONLY” CHANTS FROM BERNIE SUPPORTERS actually never happened. Remember though Snopes, however disguised as a "truth site" is really a left wing propaganda site that dabbles in minor truths on the side. Let's consult the video:

Conservatives are frequently seen supporting affirmations of English as the official language of the country and the default choice for official government forms, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard anyone shouting down a translator at one of our own events. This is some seriously uncharted territory for two groups of workers on election day when they’re all supposedly on the same “team” in terms of ideology. But then, some of the worst racism you’ve ever run into in American politics comes from liberals. It’s just not a story that the media likes to tell. Don’t expect to see Hillary or the cable news networks bringing this instance up too often or too loudly. It just spoils the narrative.
And about that  Mehvada caucus, opposing views: Despite Hillary Clinton's Win in Nevada, Bernie Sanders Continues to Be a Serious Threat and Hillary Clinton’s Path Is Clear, Barring a catastrophe, her nomination is inevitable. I just kind of enjoy watching them beat on one another. Nasty: Clinton Campaign Calls 'Bulls---' on Bernie.  Seeing Hillary spend her money to defeat another "democrat" is just delicious: Hillary Clinton faces one problem she didn't expect: Money.

Scott Ott notices an odd thing about the emergence of a Bernie Sanders arrest photo from a civil rights demonstration in the '60s, He seems to think that the Chicage Tribune is scared of Hillary,

Not Dead Yet! Attempt to place Review-Journal obituary for Hillary Clinton prompts report to Secret Service. You'll laugh when Hillary! tells you to laugh.

And this one's not really about Hillary at all, but it is because the choice is binary:
IT’S BAD WHEN YOU’RE HEARING THIS FROM MOTHER JONES: Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Has Crossed Into Neverland.
I’ve generally tried to go easy on Sanders. I like his vision, and I like his general attitude toward Wall Street. But this is insane. If anything, it’s worse than the endless magic asterisks that Republicans use to pretend their tax plans will supercharge the economy and pay for themselves. It’s not even remotely in the realm of reality. If it were, France and Germany and Denmark would by now be consumer paradises to make Croesus blush.
A group of stuffy establishment economists says “no credible economic research” supports Friedman’s analysis, which “undermines our reputation as the party of responsible arithmetic.” Or, in Austan Goolsbee’s more colorful language, Sanders’ plans have “evolved into magic flying puppies with winning Lotto tickets tied to their collars.”
Enough is enough. Everyone needs to get back to reality. This ain’t it.
Althouse wants to know who you think Hillary prefers as a Republican opponent, Trump, Cruz, Rubio, or Kasich. She comes down with Kasich.
That's an extremely difficult question. It should be easy, because you only need to pick one and you've got 4 choices, but each is tough for Clinton in his own way and each presents some opportunities for attack. I feel I need to start at the opposite end: Who would she least like to run against? Even that way, it's difficult.
. . .
I'm going to guess Hillary would prefer that nice Mr. Kasich.

Nehru jacket alert!

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