Sunday, February 28, 2016

Stripers at Sunset

Walleye Pete called this morning as I was getting into the shower to ask if I would like to go check out the fishing at "Location X" with him. Of course I said yes. We about 4:30 and were down in a few minutes catching fish
Although the air temperature at home was nearly 60 when I left, the wind off the water was pretty darn chilly, and I was glad for the float coat and gloves.
 We only had one boat to compete with, Thunder Road, Shawn Kimbro, who wrote the book on Chesapeake Bay fishing (or at least two of the books). I haven't read it. I learned the old fashioned way, from friends.
The sun went down over Flag Ponds Park while we were out.
And the fish kept biting. It wasn't really hot and heavy, but between Pete and I we managed 13, 4 of them good sized.
We left with light in the sky, but not much.

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