Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Barking Mad at Clinton.com

As hard as it is to imagine, this is a Clinton.com post without any news from the email scandal! So instead, let's follow the money. Just how much money has Clinton taken from oil and gas lobbyists?
Fifty-three lobbyists for the oil and gas industry have made direct contributions to her presidential campaign totaling $126,200. And of those 53, 11 have bundled about $1.1 million to the campaign. This doesn’t include any donations lobbyists made to the super PAC that supports Clinton.
She can't be bought for that little! It takes a lot more than that to pay for a presidential run these day, and you don't expect her to pay it out of her own 100 million or so, do you? Hence Clintons embark on new listening tour… with donors. Seventeen fundraisers in 72 hours! That's almost work! But Hillary Clinton brought this on herself, so my sympathies are limited. Even Harry Reid is starting to lose patience with her: Harry Reid allies to Team Clinton: Don't slam Nevada's caucus. It's a bad idea to make light of the people you're relying on.

In the WOW (War on Women) front, Frustrated female senators say Clinton is victim of sexism
"I think women just generally get greater criticism of their appearance and their style, their speaking style," said Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), the Republican chairwoman of the Senate Energy Committee. "I don't disagree with Sen. Mikulski that that is a reality we face.
. . .
“During the PBS debate it was clear that she had decided to speak differently. She had moderated her voice. She was far more calm, cool and collected,” she added. “I don’t think it’s fair that she has to do that in a way that Sanders is not being asked to do it.”
Just because she dresses bad and sounds like an alcoholics first wife. But never fear, streetwalkers of the United States are all in for their colleague Hillary: Hookers for Hillary: meet the sex workers caucusing for Clinton in Nevada
Hookers for Hillary was the brainchild of brothel owner Dennis Hof and the working girls at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, and it marked a hard left turn after Pimpin’ for Paul, the group’s 2008 and 2012 efforts to propel libertarian Ron Paul into the White House.
Go to the Guardian video, and you'll see the pimp is making them do it!

Now, you'd better put some ice on that!

And this, of course, is the pièce de résistance: Hillary Clinton barks like a dog to slam Republicans, which led to the inevitable loop:

and to the inevitable parody:

Ann Althouse warns us about being mean to Hillary:
Upon enduring the commercial and watching the clip, hearing the "arf, arf, arf," my spontaneous exclamation was: "Oh, she's working on her presentation. Don't be mean to her."

Now, before you jump on me with "Who's being mean?" and the analysis of my excessive, absurd emotion, remember, I didn't have to share that with you. And I wrote the previous sentence and had the insights I'm ascribing to you. I wanted to show that unfiltered reaction to you so you can think ahead and predict how mocking her might play out. Don't make me feel protective of her! I was already predisposed to think she'd need protection. I've got my cool, distanced view of all this, but my spontaneous, emotive reaction is something upon which you should coolly reflect.
Hillary was doing it to make fun of Republicans, but if we use it to make fun of her, that's sexist, right?

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