Saturday, February 20, 2016

It's Pretty Blatant When the Post Calls Democrats Out For Being Too Political

THE MARYLAND state Board of Education has done a good job of recruiting and hiring state school superintendents, who have contributed to the state’s reputation as a leader in education. Similar sound judgment has been shown by the Board of Regents in the selection and appointment of chancellors, who have helped build Maryland’s university system. Now some lawmakers are seeking to upend this success by giving veto power over these appointments to the Maryland General Assembly.

The impetus for politicizing these critical education jobs is obvious. Democrats don’t like having a Republican in the governor’s office, so they hope to chip away at his authority.

Under legislation pending in the state Senate, appointment of the state school superintendent would be subject to confirmation by the Senate, while selection of the chancellor of the University System of Maryland would have to be approved by the House of Delegates and the Senate. Currently, the appointments are made, respectively, by the state Board of Education and the Board of Regents without interference from either the governor or the General Assembly. . . 
At least until the voters elected a Republican.

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