Tuesday, February 23, 2016

#FreeStacy! #BoycottTwitter

Blogger Stacy McCain has been banned from Twitter, without much in the way of explanation. The story, via Stacy: The #FreeStacy Story: Why Was My @rsmccain Account Suspended?
Unexpectedly, and without explanation, my @rsmccain Twitter account was suspended Friday evening. Based on past experiences, my guess would be that this resulted from a complaint by one of the leading “social justice warriors” (SJWs) who have been at war with #GamerGate since August 2014. However, there was no reason stated for the suspension, and who knows? So I’ve switched to the @SexTroubleBook account I created to promote my book and meanwhile, friends who are fed up with Twitter’s bias and censorship started the #FreeStacy hashtag.
and more at  #FreeStacy: ‘A Girl’s Name’
Maybe I shouldn’t tell stories like that, but I was a Democrat and a dopehead back then. It was the ’70s, man. Being a teenager in an era when the American people thought it was a good idea to elect Jimmy Carter president is the kind of experience which, if you were lucky enough to have survived it, should permanently cure you of such folly. Polyester pants? Disco? Voting for Democrats? What were we thinking?

Eventually the drugs wore off. Some of us grew up, got married, had kids, paid taxes, and vowed our kids would be spared the helpless gloom of existential despair that Jimmy Carter’s presidency represented. Other people, however, never grew up. They voted for Barack Obama, the narcissistic epitome of political adolescence.

Meanwhile, totalitarian forces seek to silence voices of sanity in this lunatic wilderness of 21st-century “progressive” madness. Allum Bokhari at Breitbart.com reports:
McCain is not the first high-profile conservative targeted by Twitter recently. From Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ unprecedented loss of “verified” status, to actor Adam Baldwin’s temporary suspension over innocuous tweets, Twitter has been disproportionately targeting conservatives for minor offences while leaving left-wing rule breakers on the platform unpunished. Fears of political bias at Twitter were stoked after the company announced its new “Trust and Safety” council to help the site be “global and inclusive” in its future policies and practices. The council is packed with left-wing advocacy organizations, while not a single conservative or pro-free speech group can be found. More recently, it was revealed that Twitter maintains a “blacklist” of right-wing users whose tweets are “shadowbanned,” or effectively hidden from other users. As Twitter does not comment on individual suspensions, it’s hard to know for sure why McCain was suspended. Yet the timing of the right-wing blogger’s ban, so soon after these other incidents of anti-conservative behaviour on the part of Twitter and at a crucial period in the election cycle, make it impossible to ignore.
It’s about partisan politics, you see. The whole build-up of the Feminist™ brand the past three or four years has been about establishing a cultural narrative that would benefit Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. This is why, as much as I enjoy talking about myself, #FreeStacy is not about me.

The Left will always find excuses and pretexts for smearing or silencing anyone who exposes the lies by which the Left gains power. Democrats could never be elected if the American people knew the truth about who the Democrats are — unless, of course, the perversity of the culture meant that the American people were themselves so corrupted that they would elect a person as dishonest as Hillary Clinton.
Today, Twitter was only slightly more forthcoming: #FreeStacy: @rsmccain ‘Will Not Be Restored’; @SexTroubleBook Suspended
Notified via email:
Your account was suspended because it was found to be violating the Twitter Rules (https://twitter.com/rules), specifically our rules around participating in targeted abuse.
Your account will not be restored.
Reference #ref:00DA0000000K0A8.500G000000tVGuS:ref
Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market Street, Suite 900 San Francisco, CA 94103
Well, what is “targeted abuse,” what constitutes “participating” in this behavior, and what are the “rules around” it? Where is the evidence that I have been “violating the Twitter Rules”? Who was “targeted”? What was the nature of the “abuse”? Questions like this multiply, you see, if we can be permitted to ask questions of the arbiters of “Twitter Rules,” but that’s just it: No questions allowed!

This morning, again without explanation, the @SexTroubleBook account — which I created last year to promote my book — was suspended.

Everybody is shocked, shocked!

Feminism is evil. But you knew that, right?
It's no secret that Stacy has gone hammer and tong after feminism, and tangled with quite a few feminist SJW's, including some on Twitters new Trust and Safety Council Star Chamber, but as near as I can determine, the hate is mutual. I see no "targeted abuse."

Ace is now boycotting Twitter over this, and similar abuses.

I don't Tweet, and I don't really understand the attraction of Twitter; it seems to encourage nasty behavior rather than thoughtful exchange. My own lifelong boycott of Twitter continues, just when I was thinking of trying to make sense out of it.

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