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The big news on the State Dept. email scandal front is that Hillary Clinton And Cheryl Mills Did Not Sign Mandatory Agreement to Return Classified Materials. Wow, just wow. They really think they're above the laws, don't they.
Citizen researcher Larry Kawa has provided to Breitbart News the most clear-cut evidence to date that Clinton avoided going through mandatory channels to return classified government information.

Clinton failed to sign a separation agreement when she left the State Department, around the time she was required to give back all of her classified materials. Clinton signed a “Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement” on January 22, 2009. This document is known as an SF-312. It is standard for government employees to sign an SF-312 when they begin working in a role that gives them access to classified information. But she was also required to sign an OF-109, or “Separation Statement,” when she left the job.

That OF-109 document would have required her to affirm the following:
I have surrendered to responsible officials all classified or administratively controlled documents and material with which I was charged or which I had in my possession. I am not retaining in my possession, custody, or control, documents or material containing classified or administratively controlled information furnished to me during the course of such employment or developed as a consequence thereof…
But Clinton never signed an OF-109, even though the State Department Foreign Affairs Manual requires all employees to do so. The office of the Speaker of the House and others have been desperately trying to figure out if Clinton signed an OF-109. Now we know.
Maybe they should demand their money back. . .
Clinton’s lack of an OF-109 is especially relevant in light of her SF-312, a sworn agreement in 2009 that she made to return all classified materials “upon the conclusion of my employment”. . .
 Why it's almost as if they were doing all these things intentionally, because they knew they were already breaking the law and did not want to sign additional declarations certifying their knowledge that they were breaking the law.
State made earlier request for Clinton to hand over emails
The State Department in July 2014 unofficially requested that Hillary Clinton hand in copies of her work emails — much earlier than the late October 2014 date that has been cited by her presidential campaign and in court documents.

Conservative group Judicial Watch on Monday released a new email from Clinton’s former chief of staff Cheryl Mills, where Mills is following up on what appears to be a request from Secretary John Kerry’s chief of staff David Wade for hard copies of Clinton's messages.
 Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy Reveals Generational Schism Among Women. Alas for Hillary, a lot of younger women don't see  the sex of the president as that important.
“Whereas we’re more like: ‘Eh, well, it’s going to happen. Let’s make sure it happens the way it’s supposed to happen — in a way that’s good for the country.’
Don Surber is surprisingly pleased when Dowd nails why women under 65 reject Hillary, and agrees with his assessment. Bernie Sanders Is Winning Feminists, Even at Hillary Clinton’s Alma Mater, free shit wins. Former Miss Arkansas says Bill Clinton was so-so in bed and confided Hillary was into sex with women. Now she fears Hillary vendetta and sleeps with loaded semi-automatic. She knows her Clintons. And speaking of the war on college men: Hillary Clinton hires woman who thinks it's much better to falsely accuse a man of rape than to disbelieve an accuser:
Hillary Clinton has hired Zerlina Maxwell. Do you remember her?

Maxwell has written this: “Ultimately, the costs of wrongly disbelieving a survivor far outweigh the costs of calling someone a rapist.” Maxwell said that false accusations "can be undone by an investigation that clears the accused, especially if it is done quickly."
And the black vote in South Carolina seems soft: Hillary has no lock on South Carolina black votes

Hillary suffered another major coughing fit during a rally on Tuesday. As noted previously, such coughing fits can be the symptom of pulmonary embolism. Arf, arf, arf. Who will be her VP choice?

We know the education establishment is in the bag for the democrats, but it's a little surprising when they come out this openly: FL school caught busing students to Clinton rally.

A democrat showing hypocrisy regarding Supreme court appointments? CBS Exposes Hillary’s Hypocrisy on Scalia Replacement. The only shock here is that it's CBS.

False attacks and failed strategies as Hillary repeats 2008. Those who do not learn from the past are sure to see it revisited.

Hillary’s Bark and the Virtue of Restraint
Of course, the obligatory politically correct take on the Hillary barking debacle was to claim that even mentioning it “opened up a sinkhole of sexism,” a ridiculous claim given the notoriety Howard Dean faced for his outburst in an earlier election. And really, a candidate barking to make a point? That’s definitely newsworthy, even in this circus of a presidential election season.

It’s unlikely Hillary’s bark will take on the same virtual afterlife as the “Dean Scream,” but it does suggest that candidates from both sides of the aisle could revisit the virtue of restraint and temperance while on the campaign trail. After all, they know that opposition researchers follow their every move just waiting for them to make a gaffe. This is especially true when they are surrounded by supporters, as Hillary was at the rally where she decided to bark about Republicans.

Perhaps it is a little odd to be calling for restraint in an election that features a bombastic former reality television star, but it’s a virtue still worth emphasizing. Our Founding Fathers, notably George Washington, were models of restraint. Times have changed, of course, but for the candidates seeking our nation’s highest office, it’s worth remembering that virtues, like our nation’s founding principles, should not.

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