Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Goalposts moved: Sea Levels Rising Even Faster Now

Goalposts moved: Sea Levels Rising Even Faster Now
Fine-tuning bad news. Recent statistical analysis finds sea levels are rising faster now than at any time in nearly 3,000 years.

Alex DeMetrick reports that’s not good news for Maryland. Maryland is vulnerable to sea level rise on two fronts: the Atlantic and along the Chesapeake Bay. A new study finds world wide…

“The sea level rise that we saw in the last century was really unprecedented in 2,800 years,” said Dr. Donald Boesch, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.
Our knowledge of sea level for the last 2800 years is indirect at best, and badly contaminated with tectonic motions, and And now, here's the truth fresh today from the NOAA sea level records site:

Do you see any hint of change in the rate of sea level rise in the last 100+ years? Here, we can even look at the data with the linear increase taken out:

See any hint of recent acceleration due to global warming? If sea level now is rising faster than any time in the last 3000 years, it's clearly not due to CO2 induced warming, which, according even to global warming proponents, has only become significant since about 1950.

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