Thursday, February 18, 2016

Because the Bay Suffers from a Dearth Of EPA Propaganda . . .

Chesapeake Bay Program launches accountability tool
The Chesapeake Bay Program has long been committed to transparently communicating its work. But with the recent launch of ChesapeakeProgress, the partnership has for the first time built an online tool to help oversight groups hold us accountable for the environmental restoration and protection commitments we have made.

In the world of uncertainty fostered by climate change, it is important that federal, public and internal oversight groups understand who is doing what to address environmental concerns. In ChesapeakeProgress, these groups will find a wealth of data and information about the Chesapeake Bay Program’s progress toward the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement, in a simple and straightforward format that is clear to any user.

The Chesapeake Bay Program conducted extensive user research in order to build this landmark accountability tool. Users expressed interest in better understanding our partners’ goals and outcomes, the progress being made and the factors affecting trends over time. Up-to-date data and information meet these needs, while downloadable graphics help users share this news with others.

This site will undergo continuous updates and improvement, as we establish baselines and tracking mechanisms for new outcomes and provide further insight into how our wide-reaching work is funded.

Visit ChesapeakeProgress.
Should the editors of the  bought and paid for, but nominally independent Bay Journal be worried about their jobs? Probably not. One thing about government, they're in no hurry to decrease their footprint, or in this case, newsprint.

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