Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The wild weather from yesterday continues. The unexpectedly strong snowstorm continued past noon, ultimately resulting in about 8 inches of crystalline global warming on the ground. We dutifully shoveled the driveway, which wasn't too bad as the stuff was light and fluffy. Somewhere around dark, the southern end of Winter Storm Duffman caught up with us and the snow turned to rain. Unfortunately the temperature on the ground was still freezing, and it froze on the trees and deck as freezing rain, so it was a bit dicey walking Skye at 11 PM. In the night, the wind came up, and stuff (either braces or I ever) started dropping out of the trees onto the house, enough wake Skye and send her in search of a safer place to sleep.

We woke up to the eerie sound of a power outage, no electrical hum, and plenty of wind. According to SMECO, about 650 homes in our area are out, and crews are working on it. So, coffeeless I sit here updating you by IPad. We have an appointment in town in a while, so we'll have breakfast first, and if the power isn't on when we get back, I suppose I'll have to set up the generator, to keep the fish warm, if nothing else.

I forgot to mention that it warmed to 50 F overnight, and the warm wind and rain has already eaten all the ice, most of the the snow on the lawns, leaving only the piles left from shoveling, which are receding quickly as well.

UPDATE: The power was back by the time we returned at 10:30. In the meantime, a line of strong rain engulfed the area, and drenched us.

I again commend SMECO for minimizing the number of outages, and for their prompt responses in the worst weather:

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