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As tacitly acknowledged by the State Department, the lastest mini-tranche of emails from's supersecret, off the shelf, hidden in the basement server contained more emails that needed to be classified and redacted before we, the people of the United States can see them. We can comfortably assume all our enemies already have.
The State Department released 551 more emails from the personal server of Hillary Clinton on Saturday, including 84 with some or all of the messages blocked out because they contained information that has now been deemed classified. Three of those are classified “secret.”

Each of the secret emails included Mrs. Clinton’s comments atop forwarded chains of messages discussing tensions on the Sinai Peninsula; a visit by John Kerry to Pakistan in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death; and sensitive, back-channel talks between the Israelis and Palestinians.

The State Department has now classified as secret 21 emails from among 33,000 that were sent through the private server Mrs. Clinton used while she was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

An additional 22 emails — mostly referring to the Central Intelligence Agency’s drone strikes, officials have said — have been deemed to be “top secret.” Those are considered too sensitive to release to the public even with portions blocked out.
As I expected, the percentage of classified material is rising as we get to the end (it was 15% in this release) , probably for a couple of reasons. First, the ones that deal with things other than Ms. Clinton's hangovers and yoga appointments need to be seen by other agencies, and that takes more time. Second, I have no doubt the people doing the work keep hoping that SMOD will come and take care of the problem for them.

Former Carter pollster, Pat Caddell thinks that Hillary's email scandal is Worse than Watergate. Well, yeah, there was actual malfeasance in Hillary's bypassing government security.
“This is the greatest scandal in the history of the United States,” Caddell said. “They all ought to be indicted. This is worse than Watergate.”

Clinton, he explained, would soon be exposed for using her connections in the State Department to enrich her family, her foundation, and her supporters.

“They were selling out the national interests of the United States directly to adversaries and others for money,” he said. “There is just nothing that satisfies them. They are the greediest white trash I have ever seen.”
I have been wondering what the FBI has been doing with the other 30,000 emails that Hillary tried to wipe from the Chappaqua server, that she claims was Chelsea wedding plans and yoga routines. I suspect a lot of shady deals were concocted between Hillary, Huma, Cheryl and Clinton Foundation "donors."

Even the New York Time notices Hillary's political sails shift in the wind:
"Over the years, Mrs. Clinton has shown an unfortunate tendency to oscillate between harshness and compassion on immigration questions."

"She seems to reach instinctively for the tougher-sounding policy before coming around, eventually, to positions that more closely reflect American ideals of welcome — ideals that Mr. Sanders voiced fluently on Thursday night."
Althouse tried to soften the impact:
This is a certain kind of politician. LBJ was that kind. Can we give the trimmers some respect?

Trimmers? Remember Camille Paglia used that word to insult Hillary Clinton? I've got to do a separate post about "trimmers" as a pejorative and how it can be seen as a positive.
Or as one of the Althouse commenters noted: "I think the correct terms "pathological liar.""

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