Sunday, February 14, 2016

At Least it Has Plenty of Space for Rod Holders

This could be the new toy for billionaires
While the Tetrahedron Superyacht lacks a sexy name, it could be the next ultimate toy for billionaires as it’s a combination of what the wealthy just love to splurge on.

That’s because, according to designer Jonathan Schwinge, the vessel is capable of taking to the skies. What more could you need?

The 21.6 metre yacht would be made out of the carbon fibre ‘Tetra’ and would rise on foils that stick out of a torpedo hull (which is technically called a HYSWA — Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Ship) underneath. It would be capable of flying at speeds of up to 38 knots.

At slower speeds it would sit on three hulls underneath and glide on the water.
 38? That;s fast, but not scary fast.
Not only could seasickness be a thing of the past under this design, but the tetrahedron shape provides much-needed stability.

Think it’s unlikely to ever actually be built? While plans for the yacht have been floating around for a while, Mr Schwinge is working on making it a reality.

“We are currently working with a large superyacht yard and the design has been developing forward,” Mr Schwinge told Forbes.

“Much of the development has a new feel — the ‘Trimaran’ 3 hull has now been replaced by a black coated ‘bat-form hull’ with special retractable ocean landing systems.”
Even with the "below water" fully retracted, it looks like it draws a lot of water, making lots of  uses marginal. But I guess you could bring along a tender to bone fish in.

This would be something useful for Donald Trump to invest it.

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