Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Weather Report

It's better in the Bahamas. 

But just barely, as Hurricane Joaquin slowly eases its way away from the beleaguered islands. Sucks to be them right now. Just one of the prices for living in the tropics.

The track from Joaquin is increasingly offshore, which is good news for us, though. Tidal surge predictions are getting slightly better, but still showing flood tides 3 ft above Maximum Astronomical Tide Sunday night/Monday morning.

Meanwhile the unnamed nor'easter which has bedeviled us since Tuesday continues, with sustained winds between 20-25 knots and gusts above 35. The yard is full of wet, shredded leaves. And rain? Only 37 more days to equal the biblical flood. We've only had about 4 inches since Wednesday, but it seems almost continuous. It was drizzling a few minutes ago when I went down to check the boat (yes, it's fine, thanks), but according to the radar, it looks like we're almost into the clear as the bulk of the storm has push westward into West Virginia, Pennsylvania and even Ohio. You can even see how it's feeding off the warm moist air around Joaquin:

But, we've been lucky so far, No power outages, no fallen tree or major limbs. A few passes around the yard with the tractor to pick up the leaves, and things should be both hunky and dory by midweek.

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