Friday, February 13, 2015

It's Wombat Friday Again!

The Wombat has been a little busy lately, but he did find the time to put out a fresh "Live at Five: 02.13.15"

Federal Judge Orders Alabama County To Wed Gay Couples  - Aw, who cares anymore, the Supremes are going to decide for us all in a few months anyway. I don't care about gay marriage much, but I don't think imposition by judicial fiat is the correct method.

ISIS On the Doorstep?: Jihadis seize town near Marines at al-Asad air base - It's like Obama doesn't even pretend to care anymore.

Hannah Davis: Sports Illustrated Backlash “Silly”: “I’ve been hearing it’s degrading. I think the people who are saying that aren’t feminists…” - Please ignore the ugly girls and keep doing what you're doing.

Homeland Security To Be Put In Charge Of Cybersecurity Info Sharing?: Because they do everything else so well, apparently. Homeland Security is the Department that never should have been created, and needs to be uncreated as soon as possible.

Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program Swells By $22 Billion - And the higher education bubble gets a little pussier.

Liv Tyler, It’s A Boy! - Another hot Hollywood actress for Social Security stability!

Majority Of NJ Voters View Christie Unfavorably - But a majority of voters hold an unfavorable view of New Jersey, so it's kind of a wash. Christie ain't my guy, but he has a few good points.

SPLC Apologizes To Ben Carson, Takes Him Off “Extremist” List - But will they put themselves on the list? They have prompted two more hate crimes than Ben Carson. Ben Carson ain't my guy either, but he might make a decent #2.

US Commander Wants Greater Flexibility On Afghanistan Drawdown - Remember the good old days when we agreed you should listen to your commanders in the field?

Back when the tide was in
Pam Anderson Files For Third Divorce From Rick Salomon - She's getting a little long in the tooth, but she's available again, boys! I see the tide has ebbed.

FBI Chief: “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist” -Al Sharpton's influence prevails. Of course it's true in a trivial sense, no one is color blind, and the administration is working furiously to see that continues.

FBI Investigating Fraudulent Tax Returns Filed Through TurboTax - Scary stuff, as long time users of TurboTax. The Feds need to string up a few more hackers to make the point.

Asian Crude Drops Again: WTI $51.08, Brent $59.11 - The Saudi war on fracking, Iran, and Russia continues, with Venezuela as a not so innocent by stander. I'm still OK with keeping our oil in the ground a while longer.

Little Joey Rule 5
Katie Holmes On “Dawson’s Creek” Reunion: “Get Jimmy Fallon On The Phone!” - Never saw the show. Don't care.

Eight Ukrainian Servicemen Killed In Last 24 Hours Despite Peace Deal - Hey Hillary, how's that reset going? Blue Screen of Death?

Pope Francis: “The Choice Not To Have Children Is Selfish” - Yep, somebody has to pay our Social Security, and I don't trust the Mexicans

Norks Release Hundreds Of Bizarre Propaganda Slogans - And how does that differ from any other day?

Nigeria Relying On Poorer Chad To Fight Boko Haram - Leading from behind? I wonder where they learned that.

Bloggy Stuff:

EBL: Hannah Davis, Tool Of The Patriarchy - A notable Rule 5 practitioner.
American Power: The Dangerous Lie That “Bush Lied” - Yep, it's a liberal "go to" argument.
Jammie Wearing Fools: Media, Having Shown No Interest In Obama’s Mysterious College Years, Already Combing Through Scott Walker’s College Days - I wonder why.
Joe For America: Pennsylvania Judge Slaps Down Muslim Wanting To Swear On Koran Instead Of Bible - I don't know. People are going to lie, Holy Book or not. Let 'em use the one that matters to them.
Pamela Geller: One In Four Ballots In UK’s Muslim Dominated Tower Hamlets Ward Completed By Same Person - Soon to be true in Texas and California if we don't take steps.
STUMP: Obamacare Tax Watch – Mess To Come Was Noted Years Ago - Yep
The Gateway Pundit: Feds Explore Regulating Blogs And Websites - So we're going to need a code.
Weasel Zippers: Gay Democrat State Senator Wants To Replace Statue Of Catholic Missionary Saint With Lesbian Astronaut - I Wouldn't deny her a statue just because she's a lesbian. You can have both.
Megan McArdle: Who Needs A Diploma To Be President? - Can we impeach Truman in hindsight?

Wombat-socho brings the goods on Monday with "Rule 5 Monday: Snow Bunnies."

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