Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ice and Snow at the Beach 2/22/15

We got a break in the freezing weather with the passage of a rain storm last night and this morning. This afternoon when the clouds cleared we headed off to the beach. The rain had not completely destroyed the ice and snow yet, and with another cold shot due tomorrow, it's likely to rebuild.
 It was a pretty low tide, and there was a fair amount of beach exposed. We found a few teeth, 15 to be exact, though none worthy of the "top shelf."
There was a large raft of ducks hanging just south of the the harbor. They didn't look or behave like Buffies or Old Squaws, our most common winter ducks.
 And the zoom lens shows them to be a mixture of Canvasbacks and Ruddy Ducks. The Ruddies are in the foreground and the Canvasbacks are together behind them.
 The break in the weather had quite a few people out
Just another interesting ridge of ice pushed up by the waves and tides.

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