Friday, February 13, 2015

Oregon, Oh Oregon

The scandal with the Governor of Oregon is keeps on chugging. Back in October things got going when it was revealed that the First Lady Mistress of the state (they're not married), had previously entered into a sham marriage with an Ethiopian for the the purpose of Immigration fraud. Cylvia Hayes, who in addition to her official position as first bitch, was also getting paid as a consultant to the state on "green" issues. A few day later came the revelation that she had been working on a pot farm in Washington state in prior years too. That explains her familiarity with "green issues."

What was she thinking? All the best pot comes from Humboldt County California. The cool climate of Washington produces an inferior product. Now, finally, after the election, democrats in Oregon are finally starting to look askance at the couple.

From Stacy MCain: A Sordid Scandal in Oregon
The general shabbiness of Cylvia Hayes’ character was exposed in 2014 by her ex-boyfriend, and that was before revelations about conflicts of interests involving Hayes’ consulting business. Kitzhaber’s office reportedly attempted to destroy evidence of the governor’s corrupt dealings and, at last, even Democrats in liberal Oregon have had enough:
Senate President Peter Courtney and House Speaker Tina Kotek met with Gov. John Kitzhaber on Thursday morning and told him it was time to resign.
At a 1 p.m. press conference to discuss the meeting, Courtney said the discussion with Kitzhaber was difficult.
“He was upset,” Courtney said. “He was defiant. He was struggling.” . . .
Courtney said that he and Kotek have been trying to get security for Secretary of State Kate Brown, who would become governor if Kitzhaber were to step down.
Courtney said that he had received a note from the governor’s staff earlier in the day saying that Kitzhaber was attempting to reach the secretary of state to “set up the transition.”
“I don’t know what that means,” Courtney said.
Kotek said later that the governor has been consumed by all the legal investigations and media inquiries.
“The work of the state has to go on,” she said, “and he’s not able to focus on that right now.”
“It has become clear to both of us that the ongoing investigations surrounding the governor and Cylvia Hayes have resulted in the loss of the people’s trust,” Kotek said.
It takes an awful lot of corruption to become “too corrupt” to be an Oregon Democrat, but somehow Kitzhaber’s done it! 
In Cylvia Hayes, and Gov. Kithaber's defense, she is kind of cute:

From OregonLive

UPDATE: Gov. Kitzhaber resigns, effective Feb. 18.

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