Friday, February 20, 2015

Him Tarzan, Her Jane

and a Bollywood take:

Wombat-Sochi has the main Rule 5 post "Rule 5 Monday: Winter Pinups" up at The Other McCain.

More Tarzan and Janes. . .

Down through the years many people have been Tarzan and Jane, but for people of my advanced age, there will only be one pair, the ones portrayed by Johnny Weismueller and Maureen O'Sullivan:

I pity the generation that grew up with Ron Ely. But Bo Derek made an awesome Jane. (NSFW)


  1. wish his loincloth was bulging a bit more...

  2. Ron Ely was my childhood hero as tarzan. In them days I could do the Tarzan call. (Johnny weismuller call)