Friday, February 13, 2015

Scott Walker is So Conservative . . .

#ScottWalkerIsSoConservativeThat Like Washington & Lincoln, He Doesn’t Consider Degreelessness Disqualifying

What is evolution?
Does human life begin at conception?
Is a 20-week-old unborn child a human being?
Do you believe there are too many people on Earth?
Do you believe GMOs are safe?
Do your chromosomes have anything to do with determining sex? What role do they play in a person’s gender, if any?
Do you believe carbon dioxide is detrimental to human existence?
Do you believe a slight variation in the climate over a century is unique to contemporary times?
What was the average surface temperature of the earth last year?
Is certain birth control correlated with brain cancer?
What is a stem cell, and what are the differences between adult and embryonic stem cells?
Do you ever question settled science?
I've seen another list with some even better question (damned brain is like sieve some days), but since the chance of any of them being asked is negligible, this set will do.

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