Saturday, February 21, 2015

If You Only Read One Thing About Rudy Giuliani . . .

saying that he thinks President Obama doesn't love America, read Ace's Rudy Is Right. I was trying to compose something in my mind, but then I read this. As usual, he said it better, and quicker (and without as many parenthetical clauses).
. . .No he's right.

The progressives have a lot of problems with America. That is the entire point of their politics: They don't like what America is, and wish to change it.

This is what it means to be "progressive" -- you want to move away from what actually exists.

Conservatives, by and large, defend the current order, because they like it, and do not wish to "fundamentally transform" America.

This is what it means to be "conservative" -- one conserves, or keeps, what already exists.

Progressives play this game where they launch nothing but nasty Marxist Critiques upon America, agitating for the country to remake itself entirely, but want to claim simultaneously:We love America as much as anybody.

Oh you most certainly do not! Definitionally, you do not: One who "loves" with a long list of caveats and criticisms does not love as much as someone who loves completely (or with a much shorter list of caveats and criticisms).

Furthermore, progressives take patriotism itself to be a the sanctimony of the unsophisticated. Or, as Oscar Wilde called it, "the virtue of the vicious."

Progressives, when they're speaking honestly (that is, when they're not speaking in front of TV cameras), love to lampoon their fellow countrymen's unsophisticated, stupid, and obese love of country.

They have in fact defined themselves as being Those who are too smart to buy into this "patriotism" nonsense. . .
Just one more thing, for the liberals in high dudgeon over Rudy's comments, a reminder:

Oh, the irony, it burns!

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